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Indian Cricketers reaction on Chandrayaan-3's Landing

By Akanksha - August 23, 2023 - Last updated on Aug 23, 2023 11:23 PM
Indian Cricketers reaction on Chandrayaan-3's Landing

Indian cricket fraternity joins in celebration as Chandrayaan-3's lander module achieves a triumphant landing on the moon's South Pole, marking a groundbreaking achievement in space exploration. The nation's cricket legends and current stars express their exhilaration on social media, rejoicing in India's historic feat.

In a moment of extraordinary pride and exhilaration, India has etched its name in the annals of space exploration by successfully landing the Chandrayaan-3 lander module on the moon's South Pole. This unprecedented triumph has not only set a new benchmark in space technology but has also united the country in celebration, with even the stalwarts of Indian cricket taking to social media to express their joy and admiration.

From the iconic Sachin Tendulkar, whose name resonates with millions, to the contemporary cricketing idols like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, a resounding chorus of admiration and excitement has reverberated across social media platforms. Tendulkar, known for his eloquence both on and off the pitch, eloquently expressed his feelings, stating, "Vijayi vishwa tiranga pyara, jhanda unchaa rahe humara. @ISRO represents the best of India." His tweet encapsulates the sentiment of a nation that takes immense pride in its achievements.

Virat Kohli, echoed the sentiments by congratulating the #Chandrayaan3 team, stating, "You have made the nation proud. Jai Hind!" Such words from cricketing icons resonate deeply, adding a sense of unity and patriotism to this remarkable milestone.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), the governing body of Indian cricket, celebrated this historic moment by sharing a snapshot of Team India during their tour of Ireland, capturing the essence of this achievement in one frame. The post exclaims, "History Created! Mission Successful Congratulations #Chandrayaan3 | @isro," signifying the shared pride of two distinct realms of excellence - cricket and space exploration.

It's not just the cricketing legends who have taken to social media; the administrative heads of Indian cricket also joined in the celebration. BCCI secretary Jay Shah extended his heartfelt congratulations, hailing the landing as a "historic moment that will resonate with generations to come." His words underscore the enduring significance of this achievement and its impact on future generations.

Rohit Sharma, the suave Indian cricketing sensation, found a poetic charm in the historic feat. His tweet, "The first nation to reach the lunar south pole. That's got a nice ring to it," captures the uniqueness of India's accomplishment, coupled with a sense of pride that extends beyond boundaries.

Even the Indian Premier League (IPL) franchises, Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings, who are more accustomed to competing on the cricketing field, couldn't contain their excitement. Mumbai Indians exclaimed, "Vikram Landed #OneFamily #Chandrayaan_3 #Ch3 #Chandrayaan3 #VikramLander@isro," underlining the feeling of unity that this achievement brings to the nation. Chennai Super Kings joined the celebration with their characteristic zeal, blowing "whistles to the moon and back."

Not just limited to Indian cricketing icons, the jubilation spread across the spectrum of cricketing personalities. Virender Sehwag, known for his explosive batting, shared the moment, exclaiming, "Yaaaaayyy, We have done it. Soft landing on the Moon. #Chandrayaan3. Congratulations @isro and all those who dedicated themselves to this historic mission. We are on the Moon."

Gautam Gambhir, a former cricketer turned political figure, celebrated the achievement with a succinct "Well done India! #ISRO #Chandrayaan3." These tweets echo the collective pride and exhilaration that the nation feels in this moment of triumph.

Even amidst their rigorous training and busy schedules, the current players found time to share their excitement. KL Rahul acknowledged the dedicated ISRO team, acknowledging their perseverance that makes the nation proud. Hardik Pandya, known for his all-round skills, hailed the day as "a landmark day in our country's history," echoing the sentiment of the masses.

Spinner Yuzvendra Chahal's tweet encapsulated the essence of this achievement, praising ISRO's dedication and perseverance that have made every Indian's heart swell with pride.

Inside the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) headquarters in Bengaluru, as the Vikram lander initiated its controlled descent towards the lunar surface, officials erupted in applause. The culmination of years of relentless dedication marked a monumental leap in India's space odyssey.

This success places India in an elite league, with a distinction that sets it apart. The United States, China, and Russia may have achieved lunar landings, but India's triumph is unprecedented. India's name is now imprinted in the record books as the first nation to land on the southern hemisphere of Earth's moon.

This incredible journey began with the launch of the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. With its ambitious mission that embarked on July 14, the Chandrayaan-3 has culminated in a historic achievement that has sparked nationwide pride.

The unity of cricketing legends, current stars, and cricket enthusiasts in celebrating this achievement underscores the significance of such milestones. As India looks to the future with renewed fervor, both in space exploration and on the cricketing field, this historic achievement will remain etched in the nation's collective memory as a testament to dedication, perseverance, and national pride.

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