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Importance of Joker in Rummy and how to use it

By Guest - July 25, 2023 - Last updated on Jul 25, 2023 07:29 PM
Importance of Joker in Rummy and how to use it

The role and importance of the Joker card varies for different card games. While Joker might be a useless card in a few games, but acts as a trump card in games like Rummy. In this blog, we will specifically highlight the importance of Joker in Rummy and how you can use this card strategically to form sets and sequences to reduce the points in an online rummy game. 

Importance of Joker in Rummy

Joker is considered a valuable substitute to create impure sequences and sets. When the points are calculated in a rummy games, the point value of that joker card is zero and thus it brings down the overall score. If a player uses a Joker card strategically, he/she can win the game by declaring the cards quickly. But it’s important to use them wisely because too many or no joker cards can ruin the game and you might end up forming no proper/improper sequence or set.

Types of Jokers in Online Rummy Card Game

In the card game rummy, there are two different kinds of Joker cards. One is a printed joker that is in every deck, and the other joker card is called wild joker or cut joker.

  • Printed Joker

There are always two extra cards in a deck of 52. These are the joker cards. They have a picture of the court clown on them. According to the rules for rummy joker, the printed joker can be used as a joker or trump card.

  • Wild Joker

A joker that is picked at random from the deck is a "wild joker" or "cut joker" At the start of the game, after each player has been given 13 cards, the dealer picks a card at random from the deck of cards that is face down on the table. 

For example, if the card is 10♠, the wild joker will be 10. In this case, 10s of all suits can be used as a trump card for the missing card to form a set or impure sequence in the game. 

How to Use a Rummy Joker to Make Sets & Sequences?

By now it is clear that printed and wild jokers can be used to form sets and impure sequences on the rummy table. Let’s understand how through some examples.

Using A Joker To Form Impure Sequence & Set

Let’s say you joined a rummy game and you have three cards of the same suit, 2♥3♥5♥. Now let’s say that your wild joker is 6♣. Now you can use this wild joker as a substitute for 4♥ and you can now form an impure sequence of 2♥3♥6♣5♥.

Let’s take another scenario where you have three cards with the same face value: 8♦88♣. In this case, you can use your wild joker 6 ♣ as a substitute for 8 ♠ and form a set 8♦88♣ 6♣. 


It is understood by now that Joker plays a very crucial role in online rummy card games and how you can use both variants of Joker to win your game. If you are still a beginner at online Rummy cash games, make sure you join the practice game and plan strategies before joining any big prize pool game. You can find many online rummy applications, but choosing the right platform can be tricky too.

Online rummy cash game applications like RummyTitans and RummyCircle are trusted rummy platforms in India that offer many variants of the game and amazing winnings. So download online rummy app now and polish your skills. Don’t forget to use your joker wisely! Keep playing, keep winning! 

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