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ICC Test Championship 2023 - 2025 Most Runs

By Akanksha - February 20, 2024 - Last updated on Feb 20, 2024 08:14 PM
ICC Test Championship 2023 - 2025 Most Runs

Several tough players made their debut in the exciting world of cricket in 2023 and 2024, displaying their extraordinary abilities on the field. Let us examine the statistical wonders and noteworthy feats of some of the best cricketers of this era.

ICC Test Championship 2023 - 2025 Most Runs

India took a 2-1 lead in the ongoing series as Rohit Sharma's team easily defeated Ben Stokes' England in the third Test of the IND versus ENG series in Rajkot by 434 runs. With an undefeated 214 runs, Yashasvi Jaiswal achieved his second double-century in Test cricket, making him the outstanding player for India. The top run scorers in the ICC World Test Championship 2023–25 cycle are as follows:

Player Matches Innings Runs Average 100s 4s 6s
MR Marsh (AUS) 8 14 630 52.5 1 88 11
SPD Smith (AUS) 10 20 687 40.41 1 73 4
Z Crawley (ENG) 8 15 706 47.06 1 83 7
UT Khawaja (AUS) 10 20 855 45 1 99 3
YBK Jaiswal (IND) 7 13 861 71.75 3 90 25

5. Mitchell Marsh

Mitchell Marsh

Image Source: Twitter

The Australian all-rounder Mitchell Ross Marsh showed his abilities in eight games in 2023–2024. With an astounding 52.5 average, Marsh amassed 630 runs, demonstrating his versatility as a batsman and ballplayer. His ability to make significant contributions—among them a century to remember—made him an indispensable member of Australia's cricket team.

4. Steve Smith

steve smith

Image Source: Twitter

In 10 games in 2023–2024, Steven Peter Devereux Smith also referred to as SPD Smith, showed off his unconventional style and tenacity. With a brilliant century and 687 runs at an average of 40.41, Smith demonstrated his ability to lead his side to victory. His batting genius and strategic acumen cemented his place as a vital member of Australia's starting eleven.

3. Zak Crawley

Zak Crawley

Image Source: Twitter

Zak Crawley, who played eight matches in 2023–2024, became a symbol of England’s comeback in cricket. Crawley finished his career with 706 runs at an average of 47.06, including a standout 189. He was a great contributor to his squad. His ability to turn wickets into noteworthy contributions set the groundwork for England's batting order.

2. Usman Khawaja

Usman Khawaja

Image Source: Twitter

Representing Australia, the tenacious Usman Khawaja made a lasting impact with his reliable performances. Khawaja put up an impressive 855 runs in 10 games, demonstrating both grace and tenacity at the wicket. His best score of 141 demonstrated his ability to lead the innings, and his total of one hundred and five half-centuries demonstrated his dependability when things got tough.

1. Yashasvi Jaiswal

Yashasvi Jaiswal

Image Source: Twitter

Yashasvi Jaiswal, often known as YBK Jaiswal, is a man of great potential and promise. He stole the show with his amazing performances. Jaiswal demonstrated his batting prowess in seven 2023–2024 games, amassing an astounding 861 runs at an astounding average of 71.75. Fans were in awe of his batting prowess after his undefeated 214*, which was nothing short of spectacular. Jaiswal's performances were an amazing sight to witness, showcasing some truly astounding limits and spanning three centuries and two half-centuries.

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