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ICC Announces New Rules Stop Clock Rule

By Ravi - 2023-11-22 13:49:23
ICC Announces New Rules Stop Clock Rule

ICC Announces New Rules Stop Clock Rule

ICC is going to implement a new rule to take special care of time in ODI and T-20 formats. Actually, according to the rules, after the end of one over, the bowling team will be given 60 seconds to start the next over. If the bowler is not able to start his over within this stipulated time and this happens three times during the innings, the batting team will get 5 free runs as a penalty.

What is stop clock rule?

60 second

This ICC rule matches the new OK 'Time Out'. In time out, if the batsman is not ready to start the crease to challenge the ball within two minutes, he is declared out. Even in the World Cup 2023, he became the victim of Angelo Mathews and on the appeal of Shakib Al Hasan, the umpire declared him out.

Stop clock rule will increase the problems of bowling team

The ICC will use this new rule on a trial basis from December 2023 to April 2024. After the completion of an over, a 'stop clock' will be used to mark the completion of 60 seconds. If a team fails to start the next over within 60 seconds thrice during the innings, then the batting team will get the advantage and they will be given 5 runs for free as penalty. If this rule meets the expectations during the trials, then the International Cricket Council can implement it completely.

Stop clock rule will benefit the batting team

The batting team will benefit greatly from the new ICC rules. If the team is not able to complete the over in the stipulated time, then it has to keep an extra fielder within the radius of 30 yards. However, with the advent of the new rule, the bowling team will have to take more care of time. However, no action will be taken against the bowling team for not starting the over within 60 seconds twice in the middle of the innings, but if this mistake is committed for the third time, the batting team will be awarded 5 runs.

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