How to Win every Small League in Dream11 tips and tricks

By Mehul - January 22, 2021 - Last updated on Nov 26, 2021 12:38 PM How to Win every Small League in Dream11 tips and tricks

About Dream 11

Dream11 is a Game of Skill where you create a team of real players for an upcoming match and compete with other fans for big prizes. Your team earns points based on your players performances in the real-life match, so make sure you make the right choices!

About Small leagues

In small leagues, only a few contestants can participate so winning chances here are comparatively high as your competition is only with a few people.

Different Small Leagues
  1. Head to Head Contest: Only 2 teams participate in this contest including yours.
  2. 3 Member Contest : Only 3 teams participate in this contest.
  3. 4 member Contest : Only 4 teams including your team participate in this contest.
  4. 10 Member Contest : Only 10 teams participate in this contest

How to win Small leagues in Dream 11

Few Tips

  1. Due to the less teams , competition is very less in small leagues and that is why winning chances are more in Small leagues
  2. Don’t opt for risky players instead stay put with the safe players in your team which can never result in your loss ( 95% no loss )
  3. Pick the players who are currently in form and have scored good no. of runs and taken good wickets.
  4. Your main focus should be on all-rounders and bowlers as they are the key to win matches in Dream 11.
  5. Check out the pitch conditions before the match and make your team accordingly. For Example: Flat pitch will support batters so choose more batsman, and Grassy pitch will support pace bowlers so choose more pace bowlers in the team.
  6. Avoid joining a league first, check out your competitors and their graphs like their wins and losses.
  7. Do not always appoint your C and VC to batsmen but try different combinations most preferably All-rounders.

Past match statistics of fantasy player in various fantasy games

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Many time player may or may not perform because of his past record. It is a good choice to read previous stats and records about the players that you are going to feature in your team.

Why Play small leagues

Playing small leagues with a good plan of investment is key to make good profit in dream 11. If you have good investment plan you can never be in loss. Always stick to your plan, never invest too much in any match and slowly slowly you will get used to of getting profit in dream 11.

About Fantasy Sports

Don’t dream for overnight gain. Playing fantasy league is just like investing in the share market. Dream11 is a massive fantasy platform so winning matches is not as easy as we think. The only way we can do is by making systematic planing for a particular fantasy match.

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