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How to Watch the Olympics 2024 Live in India

By Rohit - June 21, 2024 - Last updated on Jun 23, 2024 03:54 PM
How to Watch the Olympics 2024 Live in India

The prestigious quadrennial event, the Olympics, is set to grace Paris with its glory this year. From July 26th to August 11th, 2024, the world's finest athletes will battle it out for the coveted gold medals. As an Indian viewer, you won't want to miss a single moment of this historic spectacle. This blog is your one-stop guide to catching all the action live, so get ready to cheer on your favorite athletes.

Official Broadcasters: Catching the Games on Television

Viacom18 Media has secured the exclusive media rights for broadcasting the Paris Olympics in India. This means you can witness the triumphs and heartbreaks unfold on the following channels:

  • Sports18: This dedicated sports channel will telecast a wide range of Olympic events live. With multiple channels under the Sports18 umbrella, viewers can expect comprehensive coverage throughout the Games.

Streaming the Olympics: Convenience at Your Fingertips

For those who prefer the flexibility of streaming, JioCinema comes to the rescue. As Viacom18's streaming platform, JioCinema will offer live streaming of the entire Olympics. Here's what you need to know:

  • JioCinema App: Download the JioCinema app on your smartphone, tablet, or smart TV to access the live streams.
  • Subscription: While some content might be free, a subscription to JioCinema might be required for uninterrupted access to all Olympic events.

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Planning Your Viewing Experience: Schedules and Highlights

With so many events happening simultaneously, planning your viewing is crucial. Here are some resources to help you navigate the Olympic schedule:

  • Official Olympic Website: The International Olympic Committee's website ([invalid URL removed]) provides a comprehensive event schedule with timings in Indian Standard Time (IST).
  • Sports18 Website/App: Sports18 is likely to publish their broadcasting schedule closer to the Games. Check their website or app for detailed information on which events will be telecast live on their various channels.
  • JioCinema App: The JioCinema app will likely have a dedicated section for the Olympics, showcasing the live stream schedule and potentially offering event highlights.

Following the Action Beyond Live Broadcasts

Staying updated on the Games goes beyond just watching the live events. Here are some additional ways to immerse yourself in the Olympic spirit:

  • Social Media: Follow the official social media pages of the Olympics (https://olympics.com/ioc/paris-2024), Sports18, and JioCinema for real-time updates, athlete profiles, and exclusive content.
  • Sports News Websites and Apps: Major Indian sports news websites and apps will provide extensive coverage of the Olympics, including news articles, analysis, and athlete interviews.

Beyond Television and Streaming

The Olympics isn't just about watching events on a screen. Here are some ways to make the experience more interactive and exciting:

  • Organize Viewing Parties:> Gather your friends and family for Olympic viewing parties to create a more social and celebratory atmosphere.
  • Fantasy Olympics: Participate in online fantasy Olympic games where you can create a virtual team of athletes and earn points based on their real-life performances.
  • Social Media Discussions: Join online discussions and share your thoughts and predictions about the Games with fellow sports enthusiasts.

The 2024 Paris Olympics promise to be a spectacle filled with exceptional athletic feats and inspiring stories. With the options outlined above, you're well-equipped to witness the magic unfold live in India. So, prepare to cheer on your favorite athletes, celebrate victories, and be captivated by the spirit of sportsmanship that transcends borders. Let the Games begin.

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