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How to Bet on Cricket?

By Guest - April 17, 2023 - Last updated on Apr 18, 2023 10:37 AM
How to Bet on Cricket?

Little is known, but such a team sport as cricket has a large number of fans. This is mainly due to the incredible love for this sport of the inhabitants of India, in which the population exceeds a billion people. Because of the Indians, cricket is second only to football in terms of fan views. Matches are played all year round, which means that you can bet on an ongoing basis.

Cricket betting is a profitable business in a number of countries and earns decent money on it. More than 70% of all bets on this sport are made live. If you want to win money, we recommend betting on cricket at Parimatch bookmaker, because this bookmaker has high odds and a good list.

Varieties of betting on cricket

There are eight main markets in this sport:

  1. Exodus. There are three options for the outcome, because in this sport there is a draw. Compared to football, world battles end less often, and the percentage of teams that do not determine the winner is closer to hockey. In some tournaments, bookmakers offer two options for the outcome without taking into account a draw.
  2. Double chance. Everything is similar to the outcome, but the chances of winning are more impressive, although the odds are lower. You can play two outcomes at the same time, that there will be no draw or one of the teams will not concede.
  3. Total. Total runs are selected general or individual. You can take their number for a specific segment of the game or for the entire match.
  4. Plus or minus handicap. A bet on how much difference in the score one of the teams will win or lose. Between strong opponents in test confrontations, they often flirt with a zero handicap, which allows you to get an expense at a rate in the event of a draw.
  5. Fight statistics. There are a lot of statistics in cricket. In the TOP battles in the line, you can find the coefficient for the sum of run-outs or the best result of the first partnership. In addition, bookmakers are often asked to guess how the first wicket will be destroyed.
  6. Performer statistics. In significant cricket matches, you can bet on the achievements of individual performers, for example, the number of six-point strikes, the amount of runs, the best player or batsman of the match.
  7. First inning. In long test confrontations, a popular bet is how the starting inning will end. This is due to the speed of its completion.
  8. To the lot. The most unanalysable in this sport is the bet on which team will attack first. It is not recommended to choose this market, because it is a pure lottery and over a long distance, with equal chances of winning, the player will still go into the red due to the margin of bookmakers.

Betting strategies

Thanks to an individual strategy, experts are able to choose sufficiently large odds and win by betting on cricket. Regardless of the format of the fight, there are a number of analytical approaches. Next, we note the three main factors that you should pay attention to when betting on cricket.

  1. Draw results. Cricket is similar to baseball. When the ball wears out, it is not changed until the game has exceeded eight dozen overs. Therefore, when making a live bet, one should take into account who will win the lot and start the first attack in the match. The team that starts the meeting has more prerequisites for seizing the initiative. This is one of the main reasons why betters love to play live cricket.
  2. Weather. The outcome of the confrontation largely depends on weather conditions. Matches are not held during rain, so it is recommended to check the weather forecast before betting. In case of precipitation, the duration of the match is reduced. In bad weather, the results of the draw become more important due to the reduction in playing time. In the test matches, which last five days and take place in the UK, it is important to take into account the possible loss of game time. In some countries, the sun sets earlier, and test cricket matches last only under natural light, and there are fewer opportunities to make up playing time.
  3. Form of teams and performers. The form in which the opponents enter the match is an important factor in determining the winner. Often, if the hosts win in the opening match of a large series, in the future they easily pass subsequent opponents, and the guests start to fail at someone else's pitch.

In which types of matches a particular player showed the best form, in those it is necessary to flirt with his individual statistics. At the same time, a high-class batsman can give out an excellent game, both on his favorite pitch, and on the condition that the opponent plays on an uncomfortable surface. Considering all the factors, including the attacking and defensive play of the opposite sides, you can make bets that will allow you to earn.

Also, as in many other sports, in cricket one should not exclude the field factor and remember that the longer the match, the greater the painting in live.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I bet on cricket?

There are a lot of ways in which you can bet on cricket. When betting on cricket, you should get the knowledge about players, pitch report and stats. You can follow the Possible11 App to get all these details.

Which is the best online cricket betting site?

There are somany cricket betting sites. Parimatch is one of the popular betting site, they have great odds and lines on cricket in addition to live cricket betting as well.

How to Bet on Cricket Online?

Find a good cricket betting website like Parimatch. Sign up and create your betting account with that website. Choose from the available payment options and deposit money into your betting account.

Is Parimatch allow Cricket Betting?

Yes, Parimatch have Criket Betting and more sports for betting.

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