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How much money will the T20 World Cup 2024 winner get, T20 WC 2024 prize money

By Ravi - June 4, 2024 - Last updated on Jun 04, 2024 02:42 PM
How much money will the T20 World Cup 2024 winner get, T20 WC 2024 prize money

How much money will the T20 World Cup 2024 winner get, T20 WC 2024 prize money

The ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2024 has started. This time the T20 World Cup is being played in the West Indies and America from June 2 to June 29. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced the prize money for the T20 World Cup 2024 on Monday, June 3. This time a total prize money of $ 11.25 million (about Rs 93.51 crore) has been fixed for winning the T20 World Cup.

How much money will the T20 World Cup 2024 winner get

The team that wins the T20 World Cup 2024 will get around Rs 20.36 crore (2.45 million dollars). For the first time in the history of the T20 World Cup, the winning team will get this much money. At the same time, the team that loses in the final i.e. the runner-up will get around Rs 10.64 crore (1.28 million dollars).

The teams reaching the semi-finals will be given an equal amount of Rs 6.54 crore (787,500 dollars). This time 20 teams are participating in the T20 World Cup. Every team will be given some amount by the ICC. Every team that does not advance beyond the Super-8 (second round) will get $ 382,500 (about Rs 3.17 crore).

How much money will be distributed to ICC from T20 World Cup?

The teams finishing up to 12th position in the T20 World Cup will get $247,500 (about Rs 20.57 crore). The teams finishing from 13th to 20th position will get $225,000 (aboutRs 1.87 crore). Apart from this, teams will get an additional $31,154 (about Rs 25.89 lakh) for winning the match (except semi-finals and finals). A total prize money of $11.25 million (about Rs 93.51 crore) has been fixed for the T20 World Cup.

T20 World Cup 2024 prize money

  • Winners: approx Rs 20.36 crore

  • Runners-up: Rs 10.64 crore

  • Semi-finals: Rs 6.54 crore

  • Elimination in second round: Rs 3.17 crore

  • Teams ranked 9th to 12th: Rs 2.05 crore

  • Teams ranked 13th to 20th: Rs 1.87 crore

  • Teams winning in first and second rounds: Rs 25.89 lakh

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POINTS TABLE - World Cup 2024

#TeamPlayedWonLostTieNRNRRPointsRecent Forms
Group A
1India - Q430011.1377
2United States - Q421010.1275
3Pakistan - E422000.2944
4Canada - E41201-0.4933
5Ireland - E40301-0.5941
Group B
1Australia - Q440002.7918
2England - Q421013.6115
3Scotland - E421011.2555
4Namibia - E41300-2.5292
5Oman - E40400-3.0620
Group C
1West Indies - Q440003.2578
2Afghanistan - Q431001.8356
3New Zealand - E422000.1454
4Uganda - E41300-4.5102
5Papua New Guinea - E40400-1.2680
Group D
1South Africa - Q440000.4708
2Bangladesh - Q431000.6166
3Sri Lanka - E412010.8633
4Netherlands - E41300-1.3582
5Nepal - E40301-0.5421
Super 8 Group 1
Super 8 Group 2
1West Indies000000.0000
2South Africa000000.0000
4United States000000.0000
Recent Forms: W = Won, L = Lost, T = Tie, D = Draw, NR = No Result

Full Schedule: ICC T20 World Cup Schedule

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