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How are ICC ranking points calculated?

By Kaif - October 27, 2023 - Last updated on Oct 28, 2023 11:36 AM
How are ICC ranking points calculated?

How are ICC ranking points calculated?, How ICC gives Ranking to Cricket Players?

The ICC Player Rankings is a table where the performances of international cricket players are ranked using a points-based system. Players are rated on a scale of 0 to 1000 points. Today in this article we will tell you how ICC ranking points are calculated and how does ICC ranks cricket players. Will learn about it.

How ICC gives Ranking to Cricket Players?

Players are rated on a scale of 0 to 1000 points. If a player's performance is better than his previous performance, his points increase; If their performance declines, their marks are reduced.

The performance of each player is calculated based on a pre-determined algorithm based on the player's performance during different situations in a match. In its calculations, this algorithm also takes into account how many runs a player scored or how many wickets he took in which situation of the match. If a player has made a good contribution to the team at a time when his team is in great trouble, then the value of his performance is considered higher.

No human intervention exists in this calculation process, and no subjective assessment is done. It is also important to mention here that the factors counted in calculating a player's performance are different for Test cricket, One Day, and T-20.

There is a difference between 'ranking and rating' in ICC ranking calculations. Ranking means the player's position or rank in the ICC table while rating means the points obtained by the player. Keep in mind here that ranking is decided on the basis of rating points only.

ICC's test list includes those players who have been playing cricket for the last 12-15 months. Whereas in the list of T-20 and ODI, those players are included who have been playing for the last 9-12 months. That is, points are given in these three lists on the basis of records made during 9 to 15 months.

How ICC gives Ranking to Cricket Players?

  • Against which team or bowler has the player scored runs? If a batsman has scored runs against a team whose bowling attack is not so easy to score against, then he is given more rating points in the same proportion.
  • Which player has scored runs in which circumstances, If you score runs at a time when your team was in trouble, you get more rating points.
  • If both teams score 500 in each innings, the computer rates it as a high-scoring match in which runs were relatively easy to score, and hence the value of runs scored in this match is lower than in that match. In which both the teams had scored 150 runs.
  • If a player scores 100 runs in these 150 runs, he gets more rating points than a player who scores 100 runs in an innings of 500 runs.
  • If a player has scored more runs in a match and his team wins, then he gets bonus points. But the bonus points will be even more if the victory is against a stronger team.

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ICC Update Rankings - 27/OCT

1Babar Azam829
2Shubman Gill823
3Quinton de Kock769
4Heinrich Klaasen756
5David Warner747
6Virat Kohli747

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