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Haryana Steelers Team 2023 Full Updated List: PKL Season 10

By Ravi - 2023-10-31 16:29:02
Haryana Steelers Team 2023 Full Updated List: PKL Season 10

Haryana Steelers Team 2023 Full Updated List: PKL Season 10

With the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) 2023 season getting closer, the anticipation and excitement among fans is rising. In preparation for the tournament, teams are strategizing, reshuffling, and retaining players to field a strong squad. Haryana Steelers, famous for their brilliant Kabaddi performance, have taken some important decisions before PKL 10.

One of the standout names in the list of retained players for the Haryana Steelers is the elite raider, K Prapanjan. Known for his lightning-quick raids and agility on the mat, Prapanjan's retention reflects the team's commitment to maintaining a strong attacking lineup.

The Haryana Steelers have also retained a trio of young talents, each bringing their unique skills to the team. Vinay, Jaideep, and Mohit have already showcased their prowess in previous seasons, and their retention suggests that the team sees them as vital assets for PKL 10.

Apart from the retained players, Haryana Steelers have existing young talent in the form of Naveen, Monu, Harsh and Sunny. These players have been integral to the team's performance last season

As part of pre-season preparations, teams also make tough decisions about releasing players. Haryana Steelers have released several players who will now enter the auction pool for PKL 10. These players include: Rakesh Narwal, Meetu, Joginder Singh Narwal and Nitin Rawal.

Haryana Steelers Team Squad

  • Vinay
  • K Prapanjan
  • Siddharth Sirish Desai
  • Chandran Ranjit
  • Ghanshyam Roka Magar
  • Hasan Balbool
  • Shivam Anil Patare
  • Vishal S. Tate
  • Jaya Soorya NS
  • Naveen
  • Harsh
  • Mohit
  • Monu
  • Sunny
  • Jaideep
  • Mohit
  • Rahul Sethpal
  • Hardeep
  • Himanshu Choudhary
  • Ravindra Chouhan
  • Ashish

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