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Harmanpreet Kaur surrounded by her behavior in Bangladesh

By Vipin - July 25, 2023 - Last updated on Jul 25, 2023 04:19 PM
Harmanpreet Kaur surrounded by her behavior in Bangladesh

Harmanpreet Kaur hit the stumps in anger after being dismissed first and then blamed the umpiring for the loss in the match. Host Bangladesh captain Nigar Sultana said that Harmanpreet should have behaved better as a player. At the same time, former Indian cricketer Anjum Chopra has also advised Harmanpreet Kaur to pay attention to her action.

It is also being said in some media reports that the International Cricket Council (ICC) has imposed a fine of 75% of the match fee on Harmanpreet Kaur. Although, the ICC or BCCI official statement has not yet come, but the demand for banning Harmanpreet Kaur is being raised on social media.

What are people saying?

After the match, Indian cricketer Smriti Mandhana defended Harmanpreet Kaur's behavior saying that sometimes this happens in anger.

Mandhana said, I think what happened in the middle of the match is a part of the game. We have seen many such cases in men's cricket before. I think when you play for India, you just want to win.


He gets angry. But I believe she was not happy with the decision given by the umpire. He was given out, but he had doubts about it. I think it just happened in the heat of the moment, nothing more. As much as I know Harman, of course we will talk about it later. But when you just want to win at all costs, then these things happen.

But former Indian cricketer Anjum Chopra has asked Harmanpreet Kaur to be careful about her actions and words.

In an interview given to the English newspaper Hindustan Times, Anjum Chopra said, "I am sure that when her anger subsides, she herself will agree that she needs to be more careful about her words and actions.

There is no harm in expressing your displeasure, but how and when you do it makes a difference. He should also choose his words carefully. Even on the displeasure of the Indian players with the umpiring, Anjum Chopra said that there was no need for the captain of the Indian team to express his displeasure during the post match presentation. There could have been many other better ways for this.


Anjum Chopra also said that the Indian team's failure to perform well could be the reason for Harmanpreet getting angry like this, but still this thing should have remained inside the dressing room only. It is not right to behave like this in public.

Many people on social media are also demanding a ban on Harmanpreet Kaur.

A Twitter user wrote, "Harmanpreet Kaur should be banned forever. It is not good to insult other cricketers. Why is there so much arrogance in Indian players? ICC and BCCI should take strict action on this gesture. Another user has asked ICC that any action will be taken on this unacceptable behavior of Harmanpreet Kaur or is BCCI afraid? The user has said that Harmanpreet Kaur should be banned for at least three matches.

Mohsin Kamal, who writes for several cricket websites, tweeted, No matter how clumsy the umpiring is, you can't break stumps like that. Harmanpreet Kaur should be banned for at least a match or two, so that no international cricketer does this in future.

What did Harmanpreet Kaur do?

The third and final ODI match between India and Bangladesh women's cricket teams played at the Shere Bangla Nation Cricket Stadium on Saturday ended in a tie and the three-match ODI series ended in a 1-1 draw.

When Indian women's cricket team captain Harmanpreet Kaur was caught out in the third ODI yesterday, she objected to the umpire's decision and hit the wicket hard. After this, Harmanpreet Kaur said something to the umpire while walking. After this incident came to light, its video has gone viral on social media.

Harmanpreet Kaur did not come into limelight only because of this. He also said something during the post match ceremony for which he is being criticized. After the match, Harmanpreet described the umpire's decision to give her out caught as 'disappointing'.

He said, I think we have got to learn a lot from this game. Even apart from cricket, we are in awe of the kind of umpiring that has happened. Next time we come to Bangladesh, we will make sure that we will have to deal with this kind of umpiring and we will prepare ourselves accordingly.

Harmanpreet's displeasure did not end here either. After the match, Harmanpreet Kaur said something when both the teams reached for photographs with their respective captains.

And after this Nigar Sultana along with her entire team walked out from the stage and went back to the dressing room. Now it is being said in the media reports that Harmanpreet Kaur said in front of Nigar Sultana, "The umpires tied the match for you. Call them too. We should get photographed with them too.

What did the captain of the Bangladeshi team say?

The Indian women's cricket team was defeated by Bangladesh by 40 runs in the first match while India won by 108 runs in the second match. In the third ODI, Bangladesh had set a target of 225 runs in front of India, but the Indian women's cricket team was all out for 225 runs in 49.3 overs.

Fargana Haque scored 107 runs from Bangladesh. She is the first woman player to score a century from Bangladesh. Bangladesh captain Nigar Sultana Joti was also questioned after the match on the behavior of Harmanpreet Kaur.

Nigar said that Harmanpreet should have behaved a little better.


When Nigar Sultana was asked about his sudden departure from the photo session with his team, he said, What he said was his words, not ours. I think as a player he should have shown some good behavior. I should not talk about it.

Some such words were said there, after listening to which I did not feel right to stay there with my team. Cricket is a place of discipline and respect. But such atmosphere was not felt there, so we left.

Nigar also defended the umpiring.

He said, If he was not out then why would the umpires give him out? One of the best umpires was there and he has experience in men's international cricket as well. We respected the umpire's decisions. Why didn't we react the same way after we got out? As players, we should accept his decision, be it out or not.

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