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Guest players only to get match fee, no extra sum: BCCI AGM

By Akanksha - September 25, 2023 - Last updated on Sep 25, 2023 10:59 PM
Guest players only to get match fee, no extra sum: BCCI AGM

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) agreed to stop the practise of state associations paying an additional payment to its guest players during its annual general body meeting (AGM), which was held in Goa. Instead, those players who decide to become pro and represent other member units will only receive their match fee, same like all other domestic cricketers.

Guest players only to get match fee

During the AGM on Monday, the state units reached a consensus on the choice. Whether the regulation will be put into effect as of this season or not is unclear, though. Each state organisation is permitted to recruit a maximum of three guest (professional) players. Additionally, certain state units have been paying extra money in addition to match costs to entice professional players especially since there are now 38 teams.

It was decided after a meeting that the BCCI should put a halt to it. States can now recruit guest players, but they are only allowed to pay match fees going forward, according to a member who attended the BCCI meet.

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A lot of retired Indian cricket players aspire to go to neighbouring states since they are paid big salaries every year. More than 100 cricketers from India would suffer as a result of the BCCI's decision.

In a separate move, the BCCI increased yearly gratuities to Rs 100 crore annually, while the north-east state association would receive 12.5 crore annually and Pondicherry will receive 17.5 crore annually to manage their respective states' cricket programmes.

Suggestion from BCCI

Instead of holding money in the form of bank deposits, the BCCI has advised members to use 85% of the subsidy money to manage cricket and expand the infrastructure. When compared to the previous season, the BCCI's coffers have grown once again. In the fiscal year 2022–2023, the Indian board made RS 6,558 crore, an increase of RS 2198.23 crore over the previous fiscal year. The BCCI AGM extended Justice Vineet Saran's term as its Ombudsman and Ethics Officer.

The BCCI has also instructed the ethics officer to investigate the potential of obtaining a deposit payment from those who make complaints about BCCI or state association members. Members claim that numerous complaints are made with little to no supporting documentation, wasting both the BCCI and the ombudsman's time. The members said BCCI should include a dollar limit with each complaint to prevent abuse. The money deposit will be repaid if it is determined that the complaint is valid.

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