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Glenn Maxwell Might Not Play IPL 2024 Takes Indefinite Break

By Rohit - 2024-04-16 15:28:59
Glenn Maxwell Might Not Play IPL 2024 Takes Indefinite Break

Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) all-rounder Glenn Maxwell is most likely not play upcoming matches for RCB

Glenn Maxwell, the Australian all-rounder for Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB), has stepped away from the IPL 2024 for an unspecified time. Citing struggles with both mental and physical form, Maxwell proactively approached team leadership to give another player a chance after a difficult loss to Sunrisers Hyderabad.

This decision reflects Maxwell's desire to address his current condition and return when he can contribute more effectively.

"We have had a pretty big deficiency straight after the powerplay, which has been my area of strength over the last couple of seasons. I felt like I wasn't contributing in a positive way with the bat, and with the results and the position we find ourselves on the table, I think it's a good time to give someone else an opportunity to show their wares, and hopefully, someone can make that spot their own."

It isn't the first time Maxwell has taken a break from the game over mental fatigue. With things not going right for the veteran cricketer, he decided it's best for the franchise to use other options while he rejuvinates and looks to bounce back with strength.

"T20 cricket can be like that sometimes - it's a pretty fickle game," he said. "Even if you look at the first game, I ran one off the middle of the bat to the keeper. I picked up the length really well, saw a scoring opportunity, but opened the face a little bit too much. When you are going well, that goes wide of the gloves, you get a boundary, you are 4 off 1, and you are away for the tournament.

"I probably just haven't got away - it's as simple as that. In the first few games, I feel I made reasonably good decisions, but I was still finding ways to get out. It can happen in T20 cricket and when it snowballs like that, you can go searching and try too hard and forget the basics of the game."

Earlier, Indian cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar had also criticised Maxwell for his poor show in the IPL, saying the Aussie is just not able to play fast bowling.

"He has been unable to play fast bowling, period," former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar told Star Sports

"Balls bouncing to his chest or shoulder height are troubling him. He can whack every ball below his waist height, but not the ones above that."

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