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Fighting Back: India's Hockey Team Aims for Victory

By Akanksha - June 1, 2023 - Last updated on Jun 01, 2023 08:28 PM
Fighting Back: India's Hockey Team Aims for Victory

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In the exhilarating realm of men's FIH Hockey Pro League, India's hockey captain, Harmanpreet Singh, finds himself in a challenging situation. Following back-to-back defeats against Belgium and Great Britain, the team's spirits may have taken a slight hit.

However, Harmanpreet remains determined to refocus and revive their winning momentum. In this blog, we delve into the captain's insights, his team's strategies, and the positive takeaways from their recent matches. Join us as we explore the path to redemption and the steps India must take to reclaim their position at the summit.

Facing Adversity:

India, once the table toppers, succumbed to a narrow 1-2 loss against the Olympic champions, Belgium, in their first match. The subsequent encounter against Great Britain resulted in a 2-4 defeat, causing India to slip to the second position. Undeterred by these setbacks, Harmanpreet expresses unwavering optimism and emphasizes the significance of maintaining structure and finishing strongly. The upcoming matches against Belgium and Great Britain represent critical opportunities for the Indian team to bounce back and reclaim their dominance.

Lessons Learned:

Acknowledging the contrasting playing styles of their opponents, Harmanpreet appreciates the valuable lessons his team extracted from the two matches. While Belgium adopts a zonal approach, Great Britain employs a man-to-man marking system. Despite their shortcomings in creating field goals, India capitalized on penalty corners (PCs) and identified areas that required improvement. Harmanpreet's milestone of becoming the most prolific goal-scorer in the history of the Pro League further underscores his leadership and determination.

Newcomers Making Their Mark:

India's vice-captain, Hardik Singh, sheds light on the efforts of the newcomers in the squad. With a considerable gap between matches after their encounters in Rourkela, the team faced challenges in adapting to the highly competitive environment. Nevertheless, young talents like Sukhjeet, Karthi, Abhishek, and Sanjay displayed promising performances and contributed positively to the team's dynamics. Their contributions will undoubtedly strengthen India's resolve and bolster their chances of success in the upcoming matches.

The Path to Redemption:

As India prepares to take on Belgium once again, followed by a face-off against table-toppers Great Britain, Harmanpreet underscores the team's resilience. With six matches remaining in the Pro League, the captain instills confidence in his players, urging them to stick to their structured game plan and execute finishes flawlessly. Emphasizing the importance of a solid defensive strategy, Harmanpreet aspires to lead his team back to the top of the pool table.


India's journey in the men's FIH Hockey Pro League has encountered temporary hurdles, but the team remains determined to rise above adversity. Harmanpreet Singh, the indomitable captain, exudes confidence and sets his sights on redemption. The upcoming matches against Belgium and Great Britain present the perfect opportunity for India to showcase their mettle and regain their winning form.

By capitalizing on their takeaways, relying on the contributions of new talents, and executing their game plan meticulously, India's hockey team endeavors to reclaim their position as the undisputed leaders of the Pro League. Victory is within reach, and the path to redemption is paved with resilience and unwavering determination.

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