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FIFA Women's World Cup 2023, Schedule, Groups and Teams

By Kaif - July 19, 2023 - Last updated on Jul 19, 2023 04:34 PM
FIFA Women's World Cup 2023, Schedule, Groups and Teams

Image Source: FIFA.COM Web

FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 is being jointly organized by Australia and New Zealand. This tournament is going to be held from 20 July to 20 August 2023. This will be the ninth edition of the FIFA Women's World Cup.

This will be the first FIFA Women's World Cup to have more than one host country. Also, it will be the first senior World Cup to be held in multiple confederations as Australia is in the Asian confederation while New Zealand is in the Oceanian confederation (FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 two Host Nation).

The opening match will be played between New Zealand and Norway on 20 July 2023 at Eden Park in Auckland. The final will be held on 20 August 2023 at the Sydney Olympic Stadium in Australia. Having won the last two tournaments (2015 and 2019), the United States is the defending champion. So let's know about FIFA Women's World Cup 2023, Schedule, Groups, and Teams

FIFA Women's World Cup 2023, Groups and Teams

Group ANew Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Switzerland
Group BAustralia, Canada, Nigeria, Republic of Ireland
Group CCosta Rica, Japan, Spain, Zambia
Group DChina, Denmark, England, Haiti
Group ENetherlands, Portugal, United States, Vietnam
Group FBrazil, France, Jamaica, Panama
Group GArgentina, Italy, South Africa, Sweden
Group HColombia, Germany, South Korea, Morocco
fifa womens world cup 2023 schedule groups and teams 1

Image Source: FIFA.COM Web

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FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 Schedule

FIFA Women’s World Cup - Format
1THU20-Jul-202312:30 PMNZ-W vs NOR-WEden ParkNew Zealand Women won by 1-0
2THU20-Jul-202303:30 PMAUS-W vs IRE-WStadium AustraliaAustralia Women won by 1-0
3FRI21-Jul-202308:00 AMNIG-W vs CAN-WMelbourne Rectangular StadiumMatch Over
4FRI21-Jul-202310:30 AMPHI-W vs SUI-WDunedin StadiumSwitzerland Women won by 2-0
5FRI21-Jul-202301:00 PMSPA-W vs CR-WWellington Regional StadiumSpain Women won by 3-0
6SAT22-Jul-202306:30 AMUSA-W vs VIE-WEden ParkUnited States Women won by 3-0
7SAT22-Jul-202312:30 PMZAM-W vs JPN-WWaikato StadiumZambia Women won by 5-0
8SAT22-Jul-202303:00 PMENG-W vs HAI-WBrisbane StadiumEngland Women won by 1-0
9SAT22-Jul-202305:30 PMDEN-W vs CHN-WPerth Rectangular StadiumDenmark Women won by 1-0
10SUN23-Jul-202310:30 AMSWE-W vs SA-WWellington Regional StadiumSweden Women won by 2-1
11SUN23-Jul-202301:00 PMNED-W vs POR-WDunedin StadiumNetherlands Women won by 1-0
12SUN23-Jul-202303:30 PMFRA-W vs JMC-WSydney Football StadiumMatch Over
13MON24-Jul-202311:30 AMITA-W vs ARG-WEden ParkItaly Women Won By 1-0
14MON24-Jul-202302:00 PMGER-W vs MOR-WMelbourne Rectangular StadiumGermany Women Wob by 6-0
15MON24-Jul-202302:30 PMBRA-W vs PAN-WHindmarsh StadiumBrazil Women Won by 4-0
16TUE25-Jul-202307:30 AMCOL-W vs KOR-WSydney Football StadiumColombia Women Won By 2-0
17TUE25-Jul-202311:30 AMNZ-W vs PHI-WWellington Regional StadiumPhillippines Women Won By 1-0
18TUE25-Jul-202301:30 PMSUI-W vs NOR-WWaikato StadiumMatch Over
19WED26-Jul-202310:30 AMJPN-W vs CRC-WDunedin StadiumJapan Women won by 2-0
20WED26-Jul-202301:00 PMSPA-W vs ZAM-WEden ParkSpain Women won by 5-0
21WED26-Jul-202305:30 PMCAN-W vs IRE-WPerth Rectangular StadiumCanada Women won by 2-1
22THU27-Jul-202306:30 AMUSA-W vs NED-WWellington Regional StadiumMatch over
23THU27-Jul-202301:00 PMPOR-W vs VIE-WWaikato StadiumPortugal Women won by 2-0
24THU27-Jul-202303:30 PMAUS-W vs NIG-WBrisbane StadiumNigeria Women won by 3-2
25FRI28-Jul-202305:30 AMARG-W vs SA-WDunedin StadiumMatch over
26FRI28-Jul-202302:00 PMENG-W vs DEN-WSydney Football StadiumEngland Women won by 1-0
27FRI28-Jul-202304:30 PMCHN-W vs HAI-WHindmarsh StadiumChina Women Won by 1-0
28SAT29-Jul-202301:00 PMSWE-W vs ITA-WWellington Regional StadiumSweden Women won by 5-0
29SAT29-Jul-202303:30 PMFRA-W vs BRA-WBrisbane StadiumFrance Women won by 2-1
30SAT29-Jul-202306:00 PMPAN-W vs JMC-WPerth Rectangular StadiumPanama Women won by 1-0
31SUN30-Jul-202310:00 AMKOR-W vs MOR-WHindmarsh StadiumMorocco Women won by 1-0
32SUN30-Jul-202303:00 PMGER-W vs COL-WSydney Football StadiumColombia Women won by 2-1
33SUN30-Jul-202312:30 PMNOR-W vs PHI-WEden ParkNorway Women won by 6-0
34SUN30-Jul-202312:30 PMSUI-W vs NZ-WDunedin StadiumMatch Over
35MON31-Jul-202312:30 PMJPN-W vs SPA-WWellington Regional StadiumJapan Women won by 4-0
36MON31-Jul-202312:30 PMCRC-W vs ZAM-WWaikato StadiumZambia Women won by 3-1
37MON31-Jul-202303:30 PMIRE-W vs NIG-WBrisbane StadiumMatch Over
38MON31-Jul-202303:30 PMCAN-W vs AUS-WMelbourne Rectangular StadiumAustralia Women won by 4-0
39TUE01-Aug-202312:30 PMVIE-W vs NED-WDunedin StadiumNetherlands Women Won by 7-0
40TUE01-Aug-202312:30 PMPOR-W vs USA-WEden ParkMatch Over
41TUE01-Aug-202301:30 AMCHN-W vs ENG-WHindmarsh StadiumEngland Women won by 6-1
42TUE01-Aug-202304:30 PMHAI-W vs DEN-WPerth Rectangular StadiumDenmark Women won by 2-0
43WED02-Aug-202312:30 PMARG-W vs SWE-WWaikato StadiumSweden Women won by 2-0
44WED02-Aug-202312:30 PMSA-W vs ITA-WWellington Regional StadiumSouth Africa Women won by 2-1
45WED02-Aug-202303:30 PMPAN-W vs FRA-WSydney Football StadiumFrance Women won by 6-3
46WED02-Aug-202307:30 PMJMC-W vs BRA-WMelbourne Rectangular StadiumMatch Over
47THU03-Aug-202303:30 PMMOR-W vs COL-WPerth Rectangular StadiumMorocco Women won by 1-0
48THU03-Aug-202307:30 PMKOR-W vs GER-WBrisbane StadiumMatch Over
49SAT05-Aug-202310:30 AMSUI-W vs SPA-WEden ParkSpain Women won by 5-1
50SAT05-Aug-202301:30 PMJPN-W vs NOR-WWellington Regional StadiumJapan Women won by 3-1
51SUN06-Aug-202307:30 AMNED-W vs SA-WSydney Football StadiumNetherlands Women won by 2-0
52SUN06-Aug-202302:30 PMSWE-W vs USA-WMelbourne Rectangular StadiumSweden Women won by 5-4 on penalties
53MON07-Aug-202301:00 PMENG-W vs NIG-WBrisbane StadiumEngland Women won by 4-2 on penalties
54MON07-Aug-202304:00 PMAUS-W vs DEN-WStadium AustraliaAustralia Women won by 2-0
55TUE08-Aug-202301:30 PMCOL-W vs JMC-WMelbourne Rectangular StadiumColombia Women won by 1-0
56TUE08-Aug-202304:30 PMFRA-W vs MOR-WHindmarsh StadiumFrance Women won by 4-0
57FRI11-Aug-202306:30 AMSPA-W vs NED-WWellington Regional StadiumSpain Women won 2-1 in Extra time
58FRI11-Aug-202301:00 PMJPN-W vs SWE-WEden ParkSweden Women won by 2-1
59SAT12-Aug-202312:30 PMAUS-W vs FRA-WWaikato StadiumAustralia Women won 7-6 on penalties
60SAT12-Aug-202304:00 PMENG-W vs COL-WStadium AustraliaEngland Women won by 2-1
61TUE15-Aug-202301:30 PMSPA-W vs SWE-WT20Eden ParkSpain Women won by 2-1
62WED16-Aug-202303:30 PMAUS-W vs ENG-WT20Stadium AustraliaEngland Women won by 3-1
63SAT19-Aug-202301:30 PMSWE-W vs AUS-WT20Brisbane StadiumSweden Women won by 2-0
64SUN20-Aug-202303:30 PMSPA-W vs ENG-WT20Stadium AustraliaSpain Women won by 1-0

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