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Empowering Athletes: J&K Sports Council and SAI Sign MoU

By Akanksha - 2023-06-14 13:51:29
Empowering Athletes: J&K Sports Council and SAI Sign MoU

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The Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) Sports Council and the Sports Authority of India (SAI) have joined hands in a historic collaboration aimed at nurturing sports in the Union Territory. This groundbreaking initiative marks the beginning of an alliance that will see the expansion of Khelo India centers across J&K.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by the Secretary of J&K Sports Council, Nuzhat Gul, and Nadeem Dar, Deputy Director of SAI. This partnership is set to revolutionize the sports landscape, providing opportunities and recognition to the talented athletes of J&K.

Expanding Footprints: Khelo India Centers in J&K

In a phased manner, J&K was allotted Khelo India centers, with the first phase awarding around 40 centers in 2020-21. Building upon this success, an additional 60 centers were recently added, bringing the total to 100 Khelo India centers—the highest number allotted to any State or Union Territory in the country. This momentous development signifies the commitment to promoting sports and fostering a culture of athleticism in J&K.

Uniting Forces for Growth

Sarmad Hafeez, Secretary of the Department of Youth Services and Sports, emphasized the significance of this collaboration, stating that the coming together of two autonomous bodies—J&K Sports Council and SAI—will catalyze the growth of sports in every corner of the Union Territory. By providing the best facilities and resources for athletes, this partnership aims to inspire more individuals to embrace sports and pursue excellence in their chosen disciplines.

Empowering Athletes: A New Era

The signing of the MoU between J&K Sports Council and SAI heralds a new era for sports in the region. Secretary Nuzhat Gul expressed her optimism about the transformative impact this collaboration will have on J&K sports. She emphasized that talented athletes will now receive the recognition and equal opportunities they deserve to hone their skills and make a name for themselves in the field of sports. This partnership promises to be a game-changer for J&K.

A Remarkable Intervention: Khelo India Centers in J&K

Experts in the sporting world view the allocation of Khelo India centers to J&K as a remarkable intervention, positioning the Union Territory as a burgeoning sports hub. These dedicated centers will enhance the existing sporting culture in J&K, catering to athletes of all ages and disciplines.

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and staffed by highly qualified coaches, the Khelo India centers have revolutionized the sporting landscape, motivating young talents and providing a springboard for their athletic careers.

Champion Athletes as Coaches and Mentors

To facilitate a low-cost and effective training mechanism, the joint venture between the Sports Council and SAI has devised a strategy whereby former champion athletes will serve as coaches and mentors for budding athletes. This approach not only ensures specialized guidance but also offers livelihood opportunities for these sporting legends. Through their expertise and mentorship, past champions will train the future stars of the region, nurturing talent and igniting a passion for sports.

Bringing Sports to the Grassroots

The Khelo India centers prioritize the development of sports at the grassroots level, serving as alternative arrangements in areas previously lacking sporting activities. These centers go beyond scouting talent in districts, extending their reach to remote regions, and cultivating a grassroots sports culture. By instilling the love for sports from an early age, these centers play a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of athletes.


The partnership between the J&K Sports Council and SAI marks a significant milestone in the growth of sports in the Union Territory. With an impressive number of Khelo India centers, J&K is poised to become a hub of sporting excellence.

This collaboration ensures that athletes receive the necessary support, facilities, and guidance to excel in their respective disciplines. As the Khelo India centers continue to flourish and empower athletes, J&K is set to witness the emergence of a vibrant sports culture that will inspire generations to come.

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