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Cricket first modular stadium: Why is it called modular stadium?

By Ravi - May 28, 2024 - Last updated on May 28, 2024 01:07 PM
Cricket first modular stadium: Why is it called modular stadium?

Cricket first modular stadium: Why is it called modular stadium?

T20 World Cup is going to start from June 2 in America and West Indies. On May 21, Usain Bolt inaugurated this temporary stadium in New York. A pitch made in Australia will be used in this. At the same time, Formula-1 stands have been installed for the spectators to sit. Here where the India-Pakistan match is to be held on June 9. This temporary stadium has been built at a cost of about Rs 250 crore. A total of 8 matches of the World Cup are to be played.

Why is it called modular stadium?

Nassau County Stadium is the first modular cricket stadium. This means that its pitch, stands, etc. were assembled for a tournament. Modular stadiums use steel and easily assembled elements. This saves both time and money in building the stadium.

modular stadium

Nassau Stadium also features Bermuda grass, which is used on the baseball and football fields. After the World Cup, this stadium will be converted into a park again. That is, it is a temporary stadium, which can be used to play other sports besides cricket.

Why built modular stadium?

Paucity of time and environmental sustainability were two important reasons. The company had to prepare the stadium in six months. In such a short time there was no option other than modular stadium. The construction of the modular stadium did not have any adverse impact on the environment around the ground. After the tournament the ground will be returned to the local community in its pre-tournament condition.

modular stadiumhntrh

Modular stadiums cost less to maintain because once completed, they can be kept as vacant land. Which does not need to be maintained. In cities where only 1-2 sports activities take place every year, the concept of modular ground is growing rapidly.

What will be the capacity of New York?

nassau stadium

The stadium in New York will be able to seat 34 thousand spectators. Apart from the normal stands, VIP lounge and press box have also been prepared in the stadium.

Why were drop-in pitches installed in New York stadium

The board got very little time to prepare the stadium and pitch for the T20 World Cup. So the drop-in pitch was made in Australia and delivered to America. The pitch was built by Adelaide Oval Turf Solutions Company in collaboration with The Landtec Company of America. The project was led by Damian Hogg, Head Pitch Curator at Adelaide Stadium.

drop in pitch

ICC event head Chris Tetley had said, 'The pitch was kept in Florida for 5 months instead of New York because the weather in New York is not suitable for keeping the pitch ready. Had the pitch been placed there, all the hard work would have gone in vain due to the cold, but the weather in Florida was perfect for preparing the pitch.

In which sports modular stadium is also used

formula 1, moto gp

Till now modular stadiums have been used in Formula-1, Moto GP, Olympics, Marathon, Baseball along with football. The first season of the Indian Supercross Racing League took place in India in February this year. In this also a modular ground was made, which took about 15 days to prepare. Just 3 days after the competition ended, it was again converted into normal land.

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