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Cricket betting: prop bets for fun and payout!

By Guest - 2023-06-14 16:43:06
Cricket betting: prop bets for fun and payout!

Betting is not only about predicting who is going to win in a given cricket game or who is going to win an entire cricket tournament. This is quite a rigid and old-fashioned perspective on sports betting, because it limits down the potentials and the choices that punters have when they want to wager on a sport.

Besides the fundamental bets on match winner and outright winner there are various other types of bets, which cater to the needs and demands of the more enthused bettors. Spreads, Over/Unders, totals, handicap betting, parlay bets or even live betting eventually make the choices much more interesting and attractive for the punters. But what adds more spice and further appeal to the betting markets is prop betting, which you can find in any reliable and trusted cricket betting app in Germany.

Prop betting is not new to bettors. It is a way to bet on things within a game that are not actually tied to the outcome. Prop bets are wagers on specific propositions made by the bookmakers on things other than the final result.

So, punters can forget about choosing which team is going to win a cricket match and instead focus on predicting other parts of the match that can be fun, exciting and they might not even require predictive skills or betting research and analysis.

Cricket prop bets are very popular and they are so for a reason. They reflect the versatility, complexity, volatility and the fact that cricket is in fact more than a simple sport - it is a multi-sport.

Cricket is unique in that it can be actually broken down into so many different “episodes” and each “episode” can be further divided into smaller actions. Every single action is a potential market for wagering!

Those who like to bet on cricket matches have most certainly experimented with prop bets. Whether through testing their luck or through making more informed bets, those who have tried prop betting have become strong fans!

Τhose who still haven’t tried prop betting in cricket, here’s everything they need to know!

Many options to choose from

There are so many different prop bets for punters to choose from, that it is quite impossible to list all of them here. Bettors can wager on the coin toss winning, the top bowler of a team, the man of the match, the top batsman of a team, the most run outs, the next method of dismissal, the 1st Innings lead etc.

Or they can even bet on the higher number of runs scored between players and generally on comparative performance of teams. These are only a few popular prop bets, just remember that there are many many more out there.

With prop bets, a cricket match is much more than a spectacle, it is a constant excitement and a continuous engagement with what happens in the game.

Risky, but potentially very profitable

Prop bets for the most part are risky bets. Punters don’t have to put in much of their betting skills, analytical skills or do a lot of background research. After all, what kind of research can you do if you want to bet on the coin toss?

Though, with some prop bets, a proper analysis needs to be done - how can you bet on the Man of the match if you have no idea about players’ records, motivation and performance?

Overall prop bets tend to be treated as wagers that don’t need much thinking and that’s the fun part of it. But because they are riskier than the basic bets, we recommend that you are careful. The good thing is that they usually have bigger payouts and so they can potentially bring back a lot of profits!

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