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Chandrayaan 3 Budget Comparison With Famous Movies And Other Moon Missions

By Ravi - August 25, 2023 - Last updated on Aug 25, 2023 06:30 PM
Chandrayaan 3 Budget Comparison With Famous Movies And Other Moon Missions

Chandrayaan 3 Budget

The exact budget for Chandrayaan-3 has been fixed at Rs. 615 crores. This is much less than the budget of Chandrayaan-2, indicating continuous efforts by ISRO to increase efficiency and reduce costs. The allocated budget covers everything from spacecraft and launch vehicles to critical ground support facilities. Significantly, it is not an easy task to maintain the low budget without compromising on the objectives of the mission. It is a symbol of both fiscal responsibility and a deep commitment to space exploration.

Chandrayaan-3 is more than just a mission, it is a symbol of India's aspirations, capabilities and commitment to cost-effective innovation. As the rover nears its anticipated moon landing, the mission is a shining example of what can be accomplished with the right mix of ambition and resourcefulness.

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chandrayaan 3 budget comparison with famous Bollywood movies

Movie Budget Language Year
Kalki 2898-A.D ₹600 crore (US$75 million) Telugu Hindi 2024
RRR ₹550 crore (US$69 million) Telugu 2022
Adipurush ₹500 crore (US$63 million)–₹700 crore (US$88 million) Hindi Telugu 2023
Robot 2.0 ₹400 crore (US$58.49 million)–₹600 crore (US$87.73 million) Tamil 2018

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chandrayaan 3 budget comparison with famous Hollywood movies

Movie Budget in Dollar Year
Interstellar $19,96,900.95 2014
Avatar $2,923,706,026 2009
Avengers: Endgame $2,797,501,328 2019
Avatar: The Way of Water $2,320,250,281 2022
Titanic $2,257,844,554 1997
Star Wars: The Force Awakens $2,068,223,624 2015
Avengers: Infinity War $2,048,359,754 2018
Spider-Man: No Way Home $1,921,847,111 2021

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chandrayaan 3 budget other moon missions

Moon Missions Budget Year Country
Chandrayaan-2 978 crores 2019 India
Luna25 1,000 to 1,600 crores Russian 2023
The Chang'e 4 50 crore 2018 China

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Chandrayaan 3 budget comparison with Bollywood film

RRR and 2.0

There’s no denying the fact that the content of Indian cinema is growing. But it is also a bitter truth that time and again, we have seen producers splashing a massive amount of money on movies which look quite unnecessary. For instance, renowned filmmaker, Om Raut received a major backlash for reportedly spending a sum of Rs. 500 to Rs. 700 crores for making Adipurush, which bombed at the box office.

Some of the Indian films whose budget came quite close to Chandrayaan-3’d budget are the likes of RRR (Rs. 550 crores), 2.0 (Rs. 600 crores)

Chandrayaan 3 budget comparison with Hollywood film


As India Chandrayaan-3 becomes the first to successfully land on the Moon's south pole, a surprising budget comparison has been drawn between Christopher Nolan's blockbuster film Interstellar and India's Chandrayaan-3 mission. Originating from a recent tweet.

The budget of Chandrayaan-3 is 75 million dollars and the budget of Hollywood film Interstellar is 165 million dollars which is much more than the budget of Chandrayaan 3.

ISRO meticulously executed the Chandrayaan-3 mission at a cost of $75 million. In contrast, Christopher Nolan's award-winning film Interstellar, acclaimed for its captivating depiction of space, had a budget more than double that of Chandrayaan-3.

Chandrayaan 3 Budget Comparison With Other Moon Mission

India created history on August 23 by becoming the fourth country after the US, China and the erstwhile Soviet Union to successfully land a spacecraft on the Moon, triggering celebrations across the country and on social media. Indian Space Research Organisation's (ISRO)'s Chandrayaan-3 carrying the lander (Vikram) and the rover (Pragyan) landed on the south pole of the Moon at 6.04 pm, making the country the first to join the exclusive club of four. Went. To land on an unknown surface.



which lost contact with the lander just before landing, was supposed to take place on September 7, 2019. This aspect of the Chandrayaan-2 mission failed due to a software glitch. Its budget, Rs 978 crore, was much higher than Chandrayaan-3. Whereas, the first lunar probe Chandrayaan-1 launched by ISRO in 2008 had an estimated budget of around Rs 386 crore.



615 crores. Much less than Chandrayaan-2. The budget was also praised because it also demonstrated ISRO's ability to optimize costs. A budget that was also appreciated by SpaceX boss Elon Musk.

Luna 25

Luna 25

The estimated budget for Russia's Luna 25 mission, which crash-landed on the lunar surface, could be around Rs 1,000 to 1,600 crores. However, there is no official confirmation from the Russian government.

Chang'e 4

Change 4

In 2019, China's Chang'e 4 made a successful soft landing on the far side of the Moon. The vehicle was initially intended to be a backup for Chang'e 3, but was later configured as Chang'e 4. The exact budget for the project is unclear, but according to the Indian government's Economic Survey, China spent US$11 billion in 2018. its space area. During the same year, India spent only USD1.5 billion, seven times less than China. More missions are planned in this. Space research firm Euroconsult estimates that China will spend US$12 billion on its space program in 2022.

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