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Bhai Kab Rukega: Sarfaraz Ahmed's Funny Moment with Virat Kohli

By Rohit - March 30, 2023 - Last updated on Mar 30, 2023 07:23 PM
Bhai Kab Rukega: Sarfaraz Ahmed's Funny Moment with Virat Kohli

Former Pakistan captain, Sarfaraz Ahmed, recently spoke about a funny incident that happened during the World Cup 2019 captains' meetup. The incident occurred when Ahmed and Indian captain, Virat Kohli, were asked about the hype of the India-Pakistan rivalry. Kohli gave a detailed and eloquent answer, and when it was Ahmed's turn, he said,

"My answer is also the same. No difference", much to the amusement of everyone around them.

In a recent podcast with Nadir Ali, Ahmed spoke about the incident, saying that he asked Kohli to answer the question first. Ahmed then looked at Kohli and thought to himself, "Bhai kab rukega? (When will you stop?)" as Kohli continued to give a lengthy response. Ahmed then said, "Same answer" when it was his turn to respond.

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Ahmed was the captain of Pakistan during their 2017 Champions Trophy win and he fondly recalled the final match between India and Pakistan in the tournament. He said, "This is a memory which I can never forget. To win a final against India cannot be described in words. Had it been a normal match, it wouldn’t have been such a big deal."

According to Ahmed, winning against such a team, which could chase down any total, was incredible. India had MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Yuvraj Singh, and Virat Kohli in their team, while Pakistan had mostly young and inexperienced players. Ahmed said, "No runs were enough for them. We had kids, who today are taking Pakistan cricket to greater heights. Babar Azam, Hasan Ali, Shadab Khan, Faheem Ashraf, they were all young players."

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Ahmed acknowledged that there was no comparison between the two teams, as Pakistan only had two experienced players in Mohammad Hafeez and Shoaib Malik. The rest of the team was raw and new, but they still managed to beat India in the final.

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The victory was even sweeter for Ahmed, as Pakistan had lost to India in the group stage of the same tournament. Ahmed said, "When we lost to India in the group stage, our morale was down. But we said to ourselves that we have to play fearless cricket. We can't lose like this. We can't just let them win like this."

Ahmed's words proved to be prophetic, as Pakistan went on to win the tournament, beating India in the final. The victory was a momentous occasion for Pakistani cricket fans, who had been waiting for a big win against their arch-rivals for a long time.

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