Australia vs West Indies 2nd Test Day 4 complete highlight

By Rohit - January 28, 2024 - Last updated on Jan 28, 2024 01:45 PM
Australia vs West Indies 2nd Test Day 4 complete highlight

Australia vs West Indies, 2nd Test Highlights Day 4: West Indies stun Australia by 8 runs

History has been made at the Gabba! The West Indies win their first Test on Australian soil after nearly 30 years! Unbelievable scenes here in Brisbane and at the center of it all is Shamar Joseph, what a player he's proven to be in his short career of just two Test matches. He was gone for all money last evening after being struck on the toe, nobody expected him to come out and bowl today let alone bowl his side to a win.

A lion-hearted performance from the young man and it'll undoubtedly be remembered for a long long time to come. He ends up with remarkable figures of 7/68 and it's a day the West Indies and their fans will remember for ages to come.

Shamar Joseph won the Player of the series award on his debut series for West Indies.

Here is the overs highlight of Aus vs Wi 2nd test day 4

50.5 W Shamar Joseph to Hazlewood, out Bowled!! He's done it! Shamar Joseph is the man! How fitting it is that he gets West Indies the win! Oh look at them go! What a moment this is, fortress Gabba has been breached once again! He goes full and straight on off-stump, Hazlewood is rooted to his crease as he fends at it, doesn't lay a bat on it and the off-stump is pegged back. What a moment! Hazlewood b Shamar Joseph 0(6)

Shamar Joseph to Hazlewood, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

Shamar Joseph will go round the wicket, four slips and a forward short leg

50.4 Shamar Joseph to Smith, 1 run, yes he will, short of length just outside off, Smith presses back and punches it away towards deep backward point, down to 9 runs to win for Australia now

Does Smith leave Hazlewood with 2 deliveries to face again?

50.3 Shamar Joseph to Smith, no run, full-on off-stump, Smith prods forward and defends it firmly

50.2 Shamar Joseph to Smith, 2 runs, excellent batting, short of length on off-stump, Smith backed away and opened the face of the blade to steer this into the gap between backward point and third man, he hurries back for two

50.1 Shamar Joseph to Smith, no run, 147kph, banged in short just outside off, Smith sways out of the way, whew that was pacy

Every delivery is being cheered on here. Hazlewood does his job again, back over to Smith, can he finish it in this over?

Over 49 - Australia 10 down (Hazlewood c †Da Silva b Joseph 0) - Australia need 14 runs to win

  • Joseph bowls a yorker, Hazlewood misses and is out.
  • Smith survives an LBW appeal and a swing-and-miss.
  • Smith smashes a six over fine leg to bring the equation down to 14 runs.

Reaction of the world on West Indies thriller in over Australia

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