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Asian Games: The controversy breaks out in India vs Iran kabaddi final

By Akanksha - October 7, 2023 - Last updated on Oct 07, 2023 03:20 PM
Asian Games: The controversy breaks out in India vs Iran kabaddi final

The tournament was put on hold for more than an hour after a significant dispute occurred. India's Pawan Sehrawat went on to raid against five in the last raid before the dispute. With all the Iranian gamers rushing to dash Pawan, he entered the lobby unmolested. All the Iranian players left the lobby at that point since the Indian captain had already crossed the line.

Pro Kabaddi League Rules

The defenders are instructed to leave the lobby as soon as the raider enters if they step inside and touch the latter, according to the old regulation. This happened during the most recent raid.

A new rule also stipulates that the raid ends the moment the raider enters the room, and that even if members from the opposing side leave the lobby without being penalized. The Pro Kabaddi League operates in accordance with this.

India vs Iran kabaddi controversy

Both sides were initially granted one point apiece, but after a protest review, India was handed four points while Iran only received one. Then, following several evaluations, it was agreed to award each side a score of 1–1. What happened afterwards was genuinely abhorrent to the game. E Bhaskaran, an Indian coach, entered the scene quickly and remained still. The Iranian assistant coach and Pawan Sehrawat got into a long-lasting argument verbally.

At that point, every official present at the arena engaged in an altercation with the whole Indian men's kabaddi team. The Indians refused to accept, despite repeated attempts by the officials to give both nations one point apiece. The match was then abruptly suspended for a while.

India win Gold

India has won the gold. In men's kabaddi, it is their eighth Asian Games victory. They defeated Iran 33-29 during the contentious last few minutes.After all the commotion, it's nice to see Indian celebrities and Iranian athletes hugging. In kabaddi, the Asian Games have gold medals for both men and women.

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