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Asian Games: China accused of dishonesty with Indian athletes

By Ravi - October 8, 2023 - Last updated on Oct 08, 2023 02:50 PM
Asian Games: China accused of dishonesty with Indian athletes

Indian athletes have expressed their displeasure in the Asian Games. Indian athletes are being cheated. Neeraj Chopra looked angry after winning the gold and talked openly about it. At the same time, Indian Athletics Federation Vice President Anju Bobby George has also raised this issue.

The same thing is being made fun of in Hangzhou Asian Games. Till now, this has happened three times in these games with Indian athletes, when they have had to face embarrassment due to technical glitches or the irregularities of the officials present there. From sprinter Jyoti Yaraji to javelin throw stars Neeraj Chopra and Kishore Jena, Chinese officials tried to foul them.

All three won medals and gave a befitting reply to the Chinese officials and technology. China had tried to play tricks with Yaraji. Yaraji was harassed over the Chinese athlete's mistake, but after Yaraji's protest, Chinese officials investigated and found that Yaraji was right. His bronze was changed to silver. At the same time, Neeraj was made to throw seven times instead of six attempts, because according to Chinese officials, there was a technical problem.

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Indian Athletes Expressed Displeasure

After winning the gold, Neeraj Chopra said- I don't know why they didn't measure the distance of my first throw. The throw distance came after me, but not mine. This has never happened to me in any competition. I was told it was a good throw, maybe 87-88 metres. If the first throw feels good then the pressure is removed from the athlete. Jyoti also got fouled, Jena's second throw also got fouled. Later the decision was changed. However, I am extremely happy for teen Jenna. He performed brilliantly.

These Athletes Were Cheated During Asian Games in Hangzhou

Anju Bobby

Anju Bobby

Anju Bobby said that Chinese officials are deliberately targeting Indian athletes. They are trying to harass our athletes by cheating. We asked Neeraj to protest against the first throw not being measured. It is very difficult to win in China, but our athletes, throwers, jumpers are the best, so they are being harassed.

Jyoti Yaraji

Jyothi Yarraji

Jyoti Yaraji was given out for a false start in the 100m hurdles. After the dispute between her and AFI, not only did she not play but her medal changed from bronze to silver. Later the China Athletics Association apologized for this. That Chinese player also apologized to Yaraji.

Kishore Jenna

Kishore Jenna

On Wednesday, teenager Jena was given a second throwing foul, whereas that was not the case. This decision was changed after some time due to Jena's protest. Neeraj himself came forward in support of Jena and to protest against the Chinese officials. Kishore talked to the other officers present there. When replays were shown, Kishore's throw was not a foul. The Chinese official called it a right effort.

Neeraj Chopra

neeraj chopda

Neeraj Chopra's first throw was excellent, but its distance was not measured. Later he was asked to throw again, while after Neeraj the distance of other throwers was measured. Looking at Neeraj's first throw, it seemed that the throw was approximately 87+ meters. However, the distance could not be measured. Neeraj met and talked to the officials present there regarding this matter. There was an argument with him, but the officials told Neeraj to throw again citing technical problem. Due to this the game was stopped for about 15 minutes. Neeraj threw again and gave a befitting reply to the Chinese officials and won the gold.

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