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Asia Cup: Know the condition and expectations of Nepali team

By Vipin - September 4, 2023 - Last updated on Sep 04, 2023 02:08 PM
Asia Cup: Know the condition and expectations of Nepali team

Although there is a possibility of rain and it can also become a source of relief for the Nepalese team.

On the other hand, before the match against India, former captain of Nepal cricket team Pawan Agarwal has advised the players of his team to play in this match with their heads held high as the team has struggled a long time to reach here.

Nepal's achievement in the Asia Cup cricket match against India on Monday will be the same as it was before playing against Pakistan. That means there will be a historic first encounter with India. But it will be different - the excitement and enthusiasm of the spectators in the match against India will be more than that of Pakistan.

On which side will the Nepali supporters of India be

A large number of Nepali supporters supporting neighboring country India will be seen cheering for their country Nepal for the first time.

The Nepali team playing against India will be different from the team playing against Pakistan because they now have the experience of an international ODI match and have also become aware of their weaknesses. In such a situation, they will take the field against India with a changed strategy and the intention of playing better.


Former national team coach Jagat Tamata told BBC, "There is scope for improvement. There should be small partnerships. The strategy against India should be such that the team can play for 50 overs."

Suffered a Crushing defeat from Pakistan

By the way, the team had to face defeat against Pakistan by a huge margin of 238 runs. The opening pair of Pakistan was sent to the pavilion by the bowlers of Nepal for just 25 runs. But later, thanks to the brilliant centuries of Babar Azam and Iftekhar Ahmed, the team managed to reach 342 runs.

This performance was not spectacular but Nepal cricket analysts feel that bowling for 50 overs in front of a world class team was a great performance.

Pakistan cricket analyst Sami Chowdhary wrote in BBC Urdu, "If the Nepalese bowlers could continue their first 20 overs performance till the end, the Pakistani batsmen would have been in trouble. They would not have been able to reach the 300 mark. "Deserves to be praised."

pak vs np

Nepal's fielders also had an important contribution in Pakistan's big innings, as they were seen missing in their attempts to stop runs in over enthusiasm. This can also happen due to the pressure of international cricket.

Nepal's batting was disappointing as compared to bowling. Nepal's batsmen were all out for 104 runs in just 23.4 overs. It is obvious that Nepal's batsmen failed to play 'responsible innings'. Former cricketer Pawan Agarwal says, "When millions of eyes are watching Nepal's game, you have to be more alert, you have to work harder than in any other match."

He suggested that Nepal's team along with India should enter the field with this focus. He said, "If you get out on a good ball, there is no complaint. But if you get out immaturely because of your mistakes, then it will be a shame."

Comparison of both teams

Both India and Pakistan have not seen the Nepali team as an opponent during the Asia Cup. Pakistan players were seen spreading love and encouragement through their gestures and body language and the same attitude could be seen from the Indian team too. Both the teams are appreciating the struggle of Nepali cricket in international cricket.

Pakistan's World Cup winning player Wasim Akram said before the match in Multan, "I am watching Nepal's game. Nepal has made progress in international cricket. The craze for cricket is good. I believe cricket in Nepal will be bigger tomorrow." will be."

Comparison with india

All cricket lovers understand that Nepal's cricket cannot be compared with India and Pakistan.

As far as the experience of both the teams is concerned, there is a huge difference in it. The highest speed of Nepal's fast bowlers is 135 km per hour, whereas this is the normal speed of Indian players. Indian bowlers bowl at an average speed of 150 kilometers per hour.

Now let's talk about batting. Indian team's Virat Kohli has more than 12,900 runs in his name in ODI cricket, Rohit Sharma is about to touch the figure of ten thousand. At the same time, the number of runs of Nepali captain Rohit Paudel has reached only 1,469.

india vs nepal

After all, there can be no comparison between Indian captain Rohit, who played 245 ODIs, and Nepali Rohit, who played 53 ODIs. There is also relief news for Nepal's batsmen that Jasprit Bumrah will not take part in this match due to personal reasons. But dealing with the Indian bowling attack is going to prove to be a big challenge for Nepal's batsmen.

Former Nepal captain Paras Khadka has said about the Nepali team in the Asia Cup, "Nepali cricket should now be enjoyed at the level it has reached. However, many people have high expectations from Nepali cricket."

Nepalese cricket supporters are eagerly waiting for this match which will start at 3 pm on Monday afternoon. His biggest curiosity is who will take the wicket of Virat Kohli

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