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Ashwin's reaction on 'Mankading' controversy?

By Akanksha - August 27, 2023 - Last updated on Aug 27, 2023 05:20 PM
Ashwin's reaction on 'Mankading' controversy?

Indian cricket star Ravichandran Ashwin has plunged headlong into the ongoing discussion that swirls around the contentious issue of 'mankading' in the world of cricket. In a comprehensive statement, he's put a spotlight on the potentially explosive reactions that could erupt if marquee players like Virat Kohli or Rohit Sharma were caught up in such incidents during pivotal matches.

Ashwin voiced his thoughts, saying, "Imagine a scenario where a heavyweight like Kohli, Rohit, Smith, or Root gets ruled out at the non-striker's end, especially in the cauldron of a World Cup semifinal or a match that's hanging in the balance. I'm utterly convinced that chaos would explode, with experts and fervent fans unequivocally condemning the entire spectacle."

Delving even deeper, he elaborated, "While not all teams are currently embracing this tactic, my fervent wish is that they mentally prepare themselves for the likelihood of it surfacing in the upcoming World Cup. Opting out of the 'mankading' practice might come across as a matter of principle, but it could potentially bestow an undue edge upon the opposition. It's imperative that teams seize every legitimate opening in their pursuit of World Cup glory, a pinnacle achievement of unparalleled magnitude."

Adding his final stroke, Ashwin stated, "The answer lies in the batsman keenly observing the bowler's preparatory moves and the subtle shifts in shoulder dynamics before stepping out of the crease. If the batsman falls short in this vigilance and subsequently finds himself dismissed, it ought to be acknowledged as a masterful maneuver executed by the bowler, rather than a fount of controversy."

Interestingly, Ashwin himself made headlines when he 'mankaded' Jos Buttler during the 2019 IPL season. This incident triggered a series of similar happenings involving other players, igniting fierce debates. In response, the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) has undergone repeated revisions and clarifications of the rules.

In a recent case, Pakistan's Shadab Khan faced a 'mankading' dismissal at the hands of Afghanistan's Fazalhaq Farooqi during a match of great consequence. This event has once again thrust the topic of 'mankading' into the forefront, sparking renewed discussions within the cricketing sphere.

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