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Ashes 2023 : PM's of both countries met, shared fun bangers

By Bhavya - July 13, 2023 - Last updated on Jul 16, 2023 06:25 AM
Ashes 2023 : PM's of both countries met, shared fun bangers

The Ashes 2023 series between Australia and England has not only captured the attention of cricket fans but has also brought the Prime Ministers of both countries into the banter. Anthony Albanese, the PM of Australia, and Rishi Sunak, his UK counterpart, recently met during the NATO summit in Lithuania and engaged in playful exchanges related to the ongoing cricket series. In this blog, we explore the light-hearted moments shared by the two leaders, adding a touch of humor to the intense Ashes rivalry.

Banter on Display

During their meeting, Prime Minister Albanese playfully reminded Prime Minister Sunak of Jonny Bairstow's controversial run-out during the second Ashes Test. Albanese carried a picture of the moment to humorously poke fun at the English cricket team. In response, Prime Minister Sunak showed a picture of Chris Woakes and Mark Wood celebrating their match-winning shot during the third Test at Headingley. Sunak took the opportunity to reference the infamous 2018 Australian ball-tampering incident, playfully teasing his Australian counterpart.

Shared Laughter and Light-hearted Moments

The banter between the Prime Ministers created a light-hearted atmosphere, with both leaders seen laughing and enjoying each other's company. The playful exchange showcased the friendly rivalry and camaraderie that often exists between nations during cricket contests. These moments not only added an entertaining touch to their meeting but also reflected the passion and enthusiasm cricket brings to people across the globe.

Celebrating the Spirit of the Game

While the banter between the Prime Ministers was light-hearted, it also highlighted the enduring spirit of cricket. Despite the fierce competition on the field, cricket has the power to bring people together, fostering connections and shared experiences. The Ashes series, known for its history and intense rivalry, serves as a platform for nations to celebrate the sport and showcase their enthusiasm and sportsmanship.

Promoting Diplomacy Through Sport

The interaction between the Prime Ministers exemplifies the unique ability of sports to transcend political boundaries and foster friendly relations between nations. Moments like these remind us that sport can serve as a catalyst for diplomacy and bridge gaps between countries. The playful banter displayed during the Ashes series highlights the positive impact that cricket and other sports can have in promoting understanding and unity.


The Ashes 2023 series not only showcases the intense cricketing rivalry between Australia and England but also provides an opportunity for the Prime Ministers of both countries to engage in playful banter and light-hearted exchanges. The meeting between Anthony Albanese and Rishi Sunak during the NATO summit demonstrated the spirit of camaraderie and shared enthusiasm for the game. These moments remind us of the power of sports in fostering connections and promoting diplomacy between nations. As the Ashes series unfolds, cricket fans can appreciate the competitive spirit on the field while also enjoying the friendly banter off the field.

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