5 shortest Test matches in cricket history

By Akanksha - January 5, 2024 - Last updated on Jan 05, 2024 05:52 PM
5 shortest Test matches in cricket history

The second Test match between South Africa and India in Cape Town recently made cricket history by being the shortest Test match in the sport's 147-year history. This was a historic development. There were just 107 overs in the contest or 642 balls. After a flurry of records was shattered, India eventually won by seven wickets to tie the series at one.

Not only was India's triumph at Newlands their first ever there, but it was also the shortest Test match ever. They had previously defeated England in 2021 at 842 balls.

5 Shortest Test Matches in Cricket History

Certain locations provide seam, swing, and bounce, while others offer a significant degree of turn, all of which have an impact on the game's outcome. Several test matches in the game's history have concluded in three to four sessions or fewer. This is the topic we shall discuss. In terms of total overs bowled throughout the contest, we shall discuss the quickest test matches ever concluded in cricket history.

Match Overs Venue Year
5. England vs Australia 197 Lord’s 1888
4. England vs Australia 196 Old Trafford 1888
3. West Indies vs England 112 Bridgetown 1935
2. Australia vs South Africa 109.2 Melbourne 1935
1. South Africa vs India 107 Cape Town 2024

5. England vs Australia – 197 overs (4 balls per over)

England vs Australia

Image Source: Twitter

In cricket history, Lord's Cricket Ground has hosted some amazing matches. At that time, only four balls were bowled in each over in Tests played in England. The shortest test ever played at this location finished in 197 overs in July 1888 against Australia and England. In their two innings, Australia scored 60 runs (29.2 overs) and 116 runs (71.2 overs). England, on the other hand, lost the match by 61 runs despite scoring 53 runs (50 overs) and 62 runs (47 overs).

4. England vs Australia – 196 overs (4 balls per over)

England vs Australia 196 overs

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Another shortest game was played in the third test of the same series between Australia and England in the prior occurrence. In Test matches played in England, just four balls were bowled in an over throughout the 196 overs that concluded at Old Trafford. After one batsmanship, England amassed 172 runs in 113.1 overs. Australia lost by an innings and twenty-one runs despite managing 81 runs (52.2 overs) and 70 runs (31.1 overs) in reply.

3. West Indies vs England – 112 overs

West Indies vs England

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In January 19 35, the West Indies and England played the third-shortest game at Bridgetown. There were just 112 overs in this game. Rain had a big part in making it one of the oddest test matches ever played. When they batted first, the West Indies scored 102 runs in 47 overs. Due to the unruly wicket, England responded by declaring their innings at 81/7 in 29.3 overs. West Indies batted in response and declared at 51/6 after 19 overs. In the fourth innings, England scored 75/6 in 16.3 overs and won the match.

2. Australia vs South Africa – 109.2 overs

Australia vs South Africa

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Before India and South Africa shattered the 89-year-old record in Test cricket, Australia and South Africa played the shortest test match ever at the MCG. The two lowest test results from South Africa were shown. Australia scored 153 runs in 54.3 overs when they batted once. In response, South Africa's two innings saw them bowled out for 36 runs (23.2 overs) and 45 runs (31.3 overs). Australia prevailed in that match, which lasted 109.2 overs, by an innings and 72 runs.

1. South Africa vs India – 107 overs

South Africa vs India

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India and South Africa's match at Newlands in Cape Town was the shortest Test match in history. This exam, the first of 2024, was completed in a mere five sessions. After batting first, South Africa was bowled out for the lowest amount of runs at home—55 runs in 23.2 overs. After appearing strong at first, India lost the final six wickets without scoring any runs. 34.5 overs yielded 153 runs from them. South Africa responded by being all out for 176 runs in 36.5 overs. India was given a goal of 79 runs, which they successfully pursued in 12 overs. This game was finished in 107 overs overall.

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