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₹6.35 crore spent on 16 all-rounders in WPL auction

By Vipin - 2023-12-10 11:53:38
₹6.35 crore spent on 16 all-rounders in WPL auction

The auction of Season 2 of the Women's Premier League (WPL) took place on Saturday afternoon. 5 teams bought 30 players for Rs 12.75 crore. Rs 5.90 crore was spent on 9 foreigners and Rs 6.85 crore was spent on 21 Indians. Like Season 1, this time too all-rounders dominated the auction. Of the 30 players, 16 were all-rounders, on whom Rs 6.35 crore was spent. The two most expensive players of the auction are also all-rounders.

5 players became millionaires, but not a single millionaire player joined the Royal Challengers Bangalore team. Mumbai Indians spent the least amount of Rs 1.65 crore and included 5 players in their team. Gujarat bought 10 players, UP bought 5 and Delhi bought 3 players.

Rs 6.35 crore spent on 16 all-rounders

All-rounders received the highest bid in the auction. 16 women players who are expert in both batting and bowling got Rs 6.35 crore. Of these, there were 12 players from India and only 4 from abroad. The two most expensive players of the auction, Kashvi Gautam and Annabel Sutherland, were also all-rounders. Kashvi was bought by Gujarat and Sutherland by Delhi for Rs 2 crore.


Rs 3.30 crore was also spent on 8 bowlers in the auction. These included 5 Indians and 3 foreigners. South Africa's Shabnim Ismail was the most expensive bowler, she was bought by Mumbai for Rs 1.20 crore. Left arm spinner Ekta Bisht was the most expensive among Indians, she was bought by Bengaluru for Rs 60 lakh.

Only 5 batsmen were sold, 2 of them were millionaires

Very few teams showed interest in batsmen and wicketkeepers in the auction. Gujarat Giants bought 3 batsmen and UP Warriors bought 2 batsmen, apart from these no other team bid on the batters. UP bought Vrinda Dinesh for Rs 1.30 crore and Gujarat bought Australia's Phoebe Litchfield for Rs 1 crore. The price of the remaining 3 batters was between Rs 10 to 30 lakh. The only wicketkeeper of the auction was bought by Delhi Capitals. The team included uncapped Aparna Mandal in its squad for Rs 10 lakh.

Australia's 5 players were sold for Rs 4 crore

5 teams bought 9 foreign players for Rs 5.90 crore. In these too, Australian players dominated, whose 5 players got Rs 4 crore. 2 players of England were sold for Rs 30 lakh each. Whereas one player each from South Africa and Scotland found a buyer. No players from Sri Lanka, New Zealand, West Indies, Bangladesh, Ireland, America and UAE were sold.

2 out of 5 Australian players became millionaires. Sutherland was bought for Rs 2 and Litchfield for Rs 1 crore. The price of Ismail of South Africa was also more than one crore.

2 Indian players became millionaires, 11 players were sold for 10 lakhs

21 Indian players were bought in the auction, but only 2 became millionaires. The special thing is that both the players are uncapped, who have not made their international debut. These include Kashvi Gautam and Vrinda Dinesh, Kashvi was sold for Rs 2 crore and Vrinda for Rs 1.30 crore.

Out of 19 Indian players, the price of 11 remained only Rs 10 lakh. 5 players were sold for Rs 30 lakh each. While one player was sold for Rs 15 lakh, one for Rs 20 lakh and one for Rs 60 lakh. 5 teams spent Rs 3.55 crore on these 19 players.

Highest investment on all-rounders among Indians


Out of 19 Indian players, 12 all-rounders were sold, on whom Rs 3.55 crore was spent. Rs 1.70 crore was spent on 3 batsmen and Rs 1.50 crore was spent on 5 bowlers. India's only wicketkeeper, Aparna Mandal, was bought by Delhi for Rs 10 lakh.

Bidding took place on only 5 released players

Before Season 2 of WPL, all the teams had released many players from their teams. Only 5 of these players found buyers in the auction. Among these, Annabel Sutherland was the most expensive, who was bought by Delhi for Rs 2 crore. She was a part of Gujarat in Season 1.

Apart from Wareham, Shabnim Ismail, Georgia Wareham, Aparna Mandal and Sabbineni Meghna also found buyers. Ismail had played from UP in Season-1, this time she will play from Mumbai. While Wareham and Meghna were part of Gujarat. Both will play for RCB this time. Mandal was again bought by Delhi itself. The remaining 25 players have been sold in the auction for the first time.

Gujarat spent ₹4.50 crore, Delhi bought only 3 players

5 players became millionaires, out of which 2 were all-rounders, 2 batsers and one fast bowler. Royal Challengers Bangalore bought 7 players, not a single one of them was a millionaire. Mumbai Indians spent the least amount of Rs 1.65 crore and bought 5 players. Gujarat bought maximum 10 players and Delhi bought least 3 players. UP Warriors spent Rs 2.10 crore and included 5 players in their team.

2 millionaires among 10 players of Gujarat

kesvi gautam

Gujarat Giants bought 10 players by spending the highest amount of Rs 4.50 crore in the auction. India's Kashvi Gautam (2 crore) and Australia's Phoebe Litchfield (1 crore) were the millionaires. There are a total of 3 foreign players in the team in the form of Lauren Cheatle of Australia and Katherine Bryce of Scotland. There are 5 all-rounders, 3 batsmen and 2 bowlers in the team.

Bengaluru bought 4 players for Rs 30 lakh each

Royal Challengers Bangalore did not place a big bid on a single player in the auction. The most expensive player of the team was left arm spinner Ekta Bisht, on whom they spent Rs 60 lakh. The team bought 7 players for Rs 2.30 crore, out of which 3 are foreign players.

Australia's Georgia Wareham (40 lakh), Sophie Molyneux (30 lakh) and England's Kat Cross (30 lakh) were bought by the team for just Rs 1 crore. The team bought a total of 4 players for Rs 30 lakh each. Whereas one player also remained in 10 lakhs. RCB has 4 all-rounders and 3 bowlers.

Warriors made uncapped Vrinda a millionaire


UP Warriors, who stood at number 3 in Season 1, bought 5 players in the auction. He bought uncapped batter Vrinda Dinesh for Rs 1.30 crore, who also became the first uncapped crorepati of the auction. The team also bought England's batsman Danny Wyatt for Rs 30 lakh. The team bought bowler Gauhar Sultana for just Rs 30 lakh. Whereas the team bought 2 Indian all-rounders for Rs 10 lakh each.

Mumbai bought 5 players for Rs 1.65 crore

Season-1 champion Mumbai Indians made a very smart purchase in the auction. The team spent Rs 1.20 crore on South African pacer Shabnim Ismail. But after that the team included 4 players in the team for just Rs 45 lakh. The price of 3 was Rs 10 lakh each, while the price of one player was Rs 15 lakh. The team included 3 all-rounders and 2 bowlers.

Most expensive foreign player in Delhi, team bought only 3 players

The most expensive foreign player of the auction, Annabel Sutherland, joined the season-1 runner-up Delhi Capitals. DC bought the Australian all-rounder for Rs 2 crore. After Sutherland, Delhi bought the remaining 2 players for Rs 10 lakh each and completed its squad. These include a wicketkeeper and an all-rounder.

WPL 2024 Most expensive buys

Player Team Amount (INR)
Annabel Sutherland Delhi Capitals 2,00,00,000
Kashvee Gautam Gujarat Giants 2,00,00,000
Vrinda Dinesh UP Warriorz 1,30,00,000
Shabnim Ismail Mumbai Indians 1,20,00,000
Phoebe Litchfield Gujarat Giants 1,00,00,000

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