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Who is Mira Murati new ceo of Open AI (Chat GPT)

By Vipin - November 20, 2023 10:38 AM

After suddenly removing Sam Altman from the post of CEO, ChatGPT has given interim charge to Meera Murthy. Meera Murthy attracted everyone's attention by making a hybrid racing car during her graduation.

Who Is Mira Murati

With time, the name of Chat GPT is now on everyone's lips. This facility based on AI technology has the power to change the world. However, these days Chat GPT remains a topic of discussion for some other reasons. In fact, Meera Murthy has been appointed as the interim CEO of OpenAI following the dramatic ouster of Sam Altman, before which Meera was named as the interim chief executive of ChatGPT creator Open AI. It also included information about Altman's sudden ouster.

What the Open AI Board said

After Altman's removal, Open AI said that CEO Sam Altman has been removed from the company after a review. Because Altman was not consistently articulating his views with the board. The company said in a statement on Friday that the board no longer has confidence in his ability to continue leading Open AI.

Meera Murthy, 34, has been appointed acting CEO of Open AI. This means that now the command of Open AI will be in the hands of Meera. It is believed that soon She will be fully appointed to the post of CI. The company presented Meera Murthy as the brilliant mind behind the development of revolutionary products like OpenAI's ChatGPT and DALL-E.v


Mira was born and brought up in Albania. At the age of 16, Meera went to Canada for studies at Pearson College UWC. Meera went to America's Ivy League Dartmouth College to study mechanical engineering. According to New York Times, during her graduation days, Meera had made a hybrid racing car as part of her senior project. Which was greatly appreciated.

Meera Murthy started her career as a trainer at Goldman Sachs and then Zodiac Aerospace. After this, she also worked on Model X in Tesla for a long time. Meera spent about 3 years here.

According to Tech Crunch, Meera joined sensor-building startup Leap Motion Company in 2016 as VP of Product and Engineering. After this, he left Leap Machine Company to work as VP of Applied AI and Partnership at OpenAI.

Mira Murati's relation with India

mira Actually, Meera Murthy's parents are originally Indians. Although Meera was born in Ablaniya. But due to her father being an Indian by origin, Meera has a special connection with India.

Mira has expressed concern about AI

According to Meera Murthy, as much as AI is convenient and effective for the world, it is also a threat. She had also said in an interview that I believe that AI is a threat to the world. It can also be misused. She said that if technology like AI reaches the hands of wrong people, it will definitely be misused. The government and the people will have to play an important role in bringing it under its regulatory ambit.

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