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What is dry ice? How is dry ice made, what is its use, is it dangerous?

By Kaif - March 05, 2024 12:56 PM

What is dry ice? People started vomiting blood after eating this in restaurants, How Dry Ice is Made, What is the use of dry ice? Is dry ice dangerous?

People started vomiting blood after eating Dry Ice in restaurant: In a restaurant in Gurugram, five people started vomiting blood after eating dry ice instead of mouth freshener, after which their health deteriorated. They were admitted to the ICU of a private hospital, where the condition of two people is said to be critical. An FIR has been registered against that cafe and the police has also started investigation, but what is this dry ice, after eating which people started vomiting blood. let us know

What is dry ice?

When these people were taken to the hospital, the doctor who treated them there said that what these people had eaten was actually dry ice. This is the solid form of carbon dioxide. It is used as a cooling agent. Now it is being used in everything from medical to food industry. It is exactly like dry ice and is not made of water. It is quite useful, but it is also quite dangerous.

Its special thing is that it is very cold. If we talk about normal homemade snow, its temperature is minus 2-3, but its surface temperature is up to minus 80 degrees. It is not wet like normal snow. You must have noticed that as soon as normal ice comes in high temperature, it starts melting and turns into water, but this is not the case with dry ice, when it comes in high temperature, instead of melting, it starts blowing as smoke.< /p>

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How is dry ice made

To make this ice, first the carbon dioxide is cooled to 109 degrees Fahrenheit and compressed, due to which this gas becomes ice and its shape is converted into small or big pieces.

What is the use of dry ice?

It is used as a cooling agent and is being used from medical to food industry. Apart from this, it is also being used extensively in photoshoots and theatre. This is because when it is put in hot water, smoke comes out and then the area looks like ice, which gives the effect of dense cloud or fog.

Is dry ice dangerous?

It contains carbon dioxide gas, but it is not so dangerous. However, it is very cold, due to which the body cells start dying. In such a situation, it is forbidden to touch it directly. It is also said that it should not be kept in an air tight box. One should avoid using it.

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