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What happens if someone dies in space? what will happen to the body

By Kaif - August 04, 2023 10:59 AM

Traveling to space is not a big deal anymore. Many companies are taking people to travel to space, including the names of companies like Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic. However, sending a human into space is not an easy task. Along with this, it is also a dangerous job. But do you know what would happen if death occurred in space? What happens to the dead body? Are the bodies of astronauts brought back? Actually, the protocol of the US space agency NASA is quite clear regarding this question. Human space exploration started 60 years ago and so far 20 people have died in it. NASA plans to send a crew to the Moon in 2025. Apart from this, in the coming decade, it will send astronauts to Mars. In two-three decades, interest in space travel has increased among the common people as well. With increasing space travel, the possibility of death of an astronaut on the way or in space is also increasing.

What happens if someone dies in space?

Although space travel is an extraordinarily difficult and dangerous idea, astronomers continue to explore the mysteries of the universe. Twenty people have died in space research that began just 60 years ago.

14 astronauts died in the NASA space shuttle tragedies in 1986 and 2003. Three astronauts died during the 1971 Soyuz 11 mission and three in the 1967 Apollo 1 launch pad fire. If anyone dies in space, what happens to the corpse? On this, NASA says that in the event of the death of a crew member, the safety of the astronaut's team is the first priority.

If someone dies on a mission in low-Earth orbit, for example on the International Space Station, the crew can return the body to Earth in a few hours using a capsule. Emmanuel explains that if the accident occurred during the mission to the Moon, death should occur on the surface of the Moon, then the astronaut team could return to Earth with the body in a few days. NASA has developed detailed protocols in view of the sensitivity of the space mission.

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What will happen to the body if someone dies in space

If someone dies on a low-Earth-orbit mission such as on the International Space Station, the crew can bring the body back to Earth in a capsule within a few hours. If this happened on the Moon, the crew could return the body within a few days. Can return to Earth with. NASA already has detailed protocols for such situations.

Things would be different if an astronaut died during the 300 million-mile journey to Mars. In that case the crew probably wouldn't be able to turn back. Instead, at the end of the mission some years later, the body is expected to return to Earth with the crew. In the meantime, the crew will likely preserve the body in a separate chamber or special body bag.

The stable temperature and humidity inside a spacecraft would theoretically help preserve the body, but all of these scenarios would only apply if someone died in a pressurized environment like a space station or spacecraft. What will happen if you step into space? The answer is that the astronaut would die almost immediately.

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