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What happened when Vladimir Putin met his AI avatar

By Vipin - December 21, 2023 03:57 PM

Amid the war with Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin's talk of contesting the elections as an independent candidate in 2024 is making waves. A Russian MP has claimed that after the war in Ukraine, Putin is getting immense support from the people in the country. In such a situation, there is less possibility that he will contest the elections this time only on the party's ticket. He can contest elections as an independent. Putin came face to face with his AI avatar at a conference amid the prospect of running as an independent. Actually, Putin was talking to journalists. While the talks were going on, suddenly his AI avatar stood in front of Putin. Once people even got confused as to who is real and who is fake? Then his AI avatar started asking questions to Putin. The video of this incident is becoming quite viral on social media.


During a recent marathon conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin was asked if he had an AI version of himself. Putin was answering questions from journalists and ordinary Russians in the hour-long conference. Meanwhile his AI avatar arrived. At first even Putin was surprised to see his AI avatar. On the other hand, people got confused as to who is real and fake? The conversation, expressions and looks of both were matching exactly.

What was Putin's conversation with his AI avatar

The conversation between the two lasted for 1 minute and 3 seconds. According to news agency Reuters, Vladimir Putin was answering questions when his AI avatar, posing as a university student, asked him questions. AI avatar introduced himself as a student in front of Putin. He asked Putin what dangers could arise from neural networks and artificial intelligence

Asked Putin about body doubles

Putin's AI avatar asked Putin about his body doubles. He said- I am a student of St. Petersburg University. I want to ask you, do you use your body doubles? In response, Putin said that as I can see, you look like me, you talk in my voice. I thought and then I decided that the only person who can speak like me is myself.

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