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Valentine Week Full List: Rose, Kiss to Hug Day, all you need to know

By Kaif - February 08, 2024 02:42 PM

Valentine Week Full List: February is the month of love. Romance is mixed with cool breeze in this month as Valentine's Day is celebrated in February. Saint Valentine, the Roman priest, sacrificed his life while advocating love, after which Valentine's Day started being celebrated as the day of love in his memory. Valentine's Day is celebrated on 14th February.

However, one day is not enough for love, so the lovers dedicated the entire week to love. The celebration of love starts a week before Valentine's Day. The days of love celebrated throughout the week are called Valentine Week, every day of which gives an opportunity to promote love, express love to the crush and strengthen the relationship. The date sheet of Valentine's Week has arrived. When does Valentine's Week start in February? Which special day is celebrated on the first day of Valentine's Week and according to the date, know here when is Propose Day, Kiss Day, Hug Day and Chocolate Day.

Valentine Week List 2024

Day Date (2024) Celebration
Rose Day February 7 Expressing love with roses
Propose Day February 8 Popping the question or expressing deeper feelings
Chocolate Day February 9 Gifting chocolates as a token of sweetness
Teddy Day February 10 Gifting teddy bears for comfort and affection
Promise Day February 11 Making promises and commitments to each other
Hug Day February 12 Expressing warmth and love through hugs
Kiss Day February 13 Sealing the bond with a kiss
Valentine's Day February 14 Celebrating love and affection in all its forms

Valentine Week Full List

Rose Day - 7th February

The first day of Valentine week starts from 7th February. Rose Day is celebrated on 7th February. The week full of love begins with the smell and beauty of roses. A lover expresses his love to his partner by giving him a red rose. Rose colors reflect your emotions. On Rose Day, you can express your heartfelt feelings by giving roses of different colors to friends, crushes and even enemies.

Propose Day - 8th February

The second day of the week of love is propose day. Propose Day is celebrated on 8th February. This is the day of expression of love, in which you can express your heartfelt feelings to the one you like. If you are in a relationship with someone, then by proposing to your partner in a special way, you can make the relationship stronger and more excited than before.

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Chocolate Day - 9 February

To ensure that love always remains sweet in the relationship, Chocolate Day is celebrated on the third day of Valentine's week i.e. 9th February. On this day, couples try to bring sweetness in their relationship by giving chocolates to each other.

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Teddy Day - 10 february

Like a teddy, the heart is also delicate. A soft heart is like a child. A teddy can easily make a child happy. One day of Valentine's week is celebrated as Teddy Day. You can give a teddy bear to someone you like, or to your partner. Teddy Day is being celebrated on 10th February. Mostly girls like stuffed toys. You can give this to them as a gift.

Promise Day - 11th February

If you want to get into a relationship, you should make a promise to your partner. Partners can make promises to each other anytime and anywhere, but the fifth day of Valentine's Week i.e. 11th February is a special promise day for couples. On this day you can make many promises to your partner to always be with you, to keep them happy and many more.

Hug Day - 12th February

Hug Day is celebrated on the sixth day of Valentine's week i.e. 12th February. A magic hug in love can really work magic. Try to express your feelings by hugging the person you like. A hug can make your heart skip a beat in love.

Kiss Day - 13 february

Emotions can be expressed through touch without words. A kiss is a better way to express love than words. A kiss can say a lot. Kiss Day is celebrated on 13 February.

Valentine Day - 14th February

Valentine's Day is celebrated on the last day of Valentine week i.e. 14th February. This day is the last day of the test of love, and the result of love comes. Whether you have passed or failed in love is known only today, when you happily celebrate Valentine's Day with your partner.

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