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UPSC Preparation Tips: How to prepare for UPSC along with job?

By Akshay - February 05, 2024 04:58 PM

UPSC Preparation Tips: How to prepare for UPSC along with job?: Cracking the UPSC exam is a tough challenge for many candidates. In such a situation, to prepare for this exam, people study dedicatedly for hours, take coaching and give direction to their preparation in other ways. Keeping these in mind, recently, an Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer shared valuable tips to help in exam preparation.

UPSC Preparation: Used to wake up at 3.30 in the morning and study

IFS Himanshu Tyagi shares preparation tips for UPSC aspirants via X. He wrote, 'Golden tips from my UPSC preparation and full time job journey.' He gave further five tips. He told that he used to wake up at 3:30 in the morning and study for four hours. Not only this, he also used to study for a few hours in the evening after office.

This is how time was managed

He used the time spent on his way to and from office to watch video lectures while traveling. He also kept study material on his mobile and personal computer so that he could revise in every short break he got. Finally, he said that on weekends, he used to study for 10 hours.

This post was shared on December 2. Since being posted, it has gone viral with over 1.25 lakh views and over 2,000 likes. Many people have also commented on this post to share their reactions. People praised this strategy and many even thanked Tyagi for sharing it.

How to crack UPSC with Job: These tips are useful for job seekers

If you are also preparing for UPSC, SSC or any other competitive exam, then these tips given by IFS officer Himashu Tyagi can be useful for you. These tips can prove to be very effective especially for those people who are doing a job along with preparation. In such a situation, this post by Tyagi is a very good example of how to manage time.

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