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Train Travel Insurance, What is train travel insurance?

By Ravi - June 17, 2024 02:20 PM

Train Travel Insurance, What is train travel insurance?

Indian Railways provides insurance of Rs 10 lakh to its passengers for just 45 paise. Many passengers are not aware of this insurance. Those with counter tickets and passengers travelling in general coaches do not get the benefit of this insurance. Today in our article we will explain in detail about Train Travel Insurance.

Train Travel Insurance

On Monday, a big news of a train accident came from West Bengal. This accident happened in New Jalpaiguri. In this accident, a goods train collided with the Kanchanjunga Express in which many bogies of the train were damaged. So far 15 people have been reported dead in the accident while many others are injured.

travel insurance rules by irctc

Railway accidents cause loss of life and property on a large scale. Keeping these incidents in mind, Indian Railways has provided train insurance facility for passengers. The premium of this insurance is only 45 paise and it provides cover up to Rs 10 lakh. Many passengers are not aware of this insurance, due to which they are not able to avail its benefits.

What is train travel insurance?

While booking tickets online, the option of railway insurance comes. After selecting the insurance option, a message is sent to the passenger's mobile number and email ID. This message contains the name of the insurance company and the certificate number which is very useful at the time of claim. Apart from this, the helpline number of the insurance company is also available, from where inquiries can be made.

travel insurance

Now the question arises that when does one get the insurance, whenever there is a railway accident like a train derailing or colliding with another train, in such an accident one gets the benefit of rail travel insurance.

But if the passenger commits suicide or becomes a victim of any other accident during the journey, then Indian Railways does not provide insurance. The benefit of railway insurance is available to all class passengers. But if the passenger has bought the ticket from the counter, then he will not get the benefit of insurance. This means that insurance is available only on online ticket booking. Apart from this, insurance is not available on half tickets of children. The benefit of travel insurance is available only to passengers with confirmed tickets. This means that those with waiting tickets do not get the benefit of this insurance.

What is the process for claiming Railway Travel Insurance?

Insurance claim can be made within 4 months of the train accident. The injured person, nominee or his heir can claim insurance. For insurance claim, an application has to be made to the insurance company and the relevant documents have to be submitted.

If a passenger dies or becomes completely disabled in a rail accident, he gets a claim of up to Rs 10 lakh. At the same time, a permanently disabled passenger gets a claim of Rs 7.5 lakh and an injured passenger gets a claim of Rs 2 lakh for treatment.

These documents are necessary for claim

  • There should be an accident confirmation report issued by the railway authority.
  • The accident claim form should have the signatures of the nominee and legal heir.
  • The disabled passenger has to provide photographs before and after the accident.
  • The passenger has to submit documents related to hospitalization.
  • The final report of the doctor has to be attached.
  • All bills must have number, signature and stamp.
  • The official report containing the details of the deceased passenger in the railway accident also has to be attached.
  • NEFT details and cancelled cheque also have to be submitted.

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