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Top 5 most popular coffee brands around the world

By Akanksha - January 03, 2024 10:29 PM

Coffee is something that many of us take very seriously, and there are many different varieties available. Some of us like the option that is conveniently located in front of us. However, some prefer to spend the time and energy researching and determining which solutions are ideal.

Price, flavour, and brand popularity are the three main considerations for coffee buyers. The third factor mostly influences our decisions subconsciously.

Nowadays, each brand's popularity is different. Even if some firms have unethical business methods, people nonetheless choose to purchase from them because of shrewd marketing strategies. Then, there are companies that neither of us may be familiar with but that have superb product quality and moral business practices.

Top 5 Most Popular Coffee Brands Around the World



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Founded in 1971 in Seattle, Washington

Thanks to their clever advertising strategies and relentless marketing, Starbucks is well-known to everyone. Does everyone, however, enjoy Starbucks coffee? The response varies.

It is not well-recognized that the brand sources and roasts the finest coffee beans. Since the majority of their coffee beans are dark-roasted, they have a bitter flavour. Additionally, a lot of well-informed customers lament that Starbucks coffee tastes noticeably scorched.

But the business is cool with it. The business is aware that the typical customer enjoys caffeine. Additionally, their coffees are very rich in caffeine. Additionally, Starbucks is always modifying and blending its coffee. Regular tasting panels help the firm determine how much modification is necessary to appeal to ordinary consumers.

Additionally, Starbucks offers a wide variety of alternatives. It does provide gourmet coffees, however, that may not be the one you get from them every day, according to their official sources.

Dunkin' Doughnuts

Dunkin Doughnuts

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Founded in 1950 in Canton, Massachusetts

Dunkin' is not as big a brand as Starbucks but they are second in line in the number of stores. But yes, the coffee Dunkin' offers is surely somewhat superior to Starbucks. For instance, Dunkin' does not have the signature burnt taste in coffee as Starbucks does. The coffee is also cheaper.

Dunkin' is a more typical restaurant, whereas Starbucks is a high-end coffee shop with a wide selection of options for customization. This is the main distinction between the two businesses.

The perk of Dunkin' is that occasionally they provide complimentary doughnuts.

Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee

Image Source: Twitter

Founded in 1971 in London, United Kingdom

One of the biggest coffee chains in Britain is Costa Coffee. With more than 3000 coffee-serving locations throughout more than 31 countries, it boasts around 18,000 branches globally.

Because Costa coffees are medium-roasted, they have more sweetness, nuttiness, and smoothness.



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Founded in 1993 in Melbourne, Australia

McCafe is one of the top coffee franchises in nations like Australia and New Zealand, and it is owned by McDonald's. Because let's face it, McDonald's is everywhere, McCafé benefits from having a large presence. There's a good probability that McCafé will follow suit as McDonald's expands globally.

That being said, the coffee is never stale here because it is freshly prepared every thirty minutes. Despite being medium-roasted, it has a bitter flavour, yet you may add other flavours to go with the coffee.

You know, coffee tends to grow more flavorful the lighter it is roasted. So be ready for the nutty aftertaste if you order coffee at McCafé.

Moreover, the coffees are inexpensive.

Peet's Coffee

Peet Coffee

Image Source: Twitter

Founded in 1966 in California, United States

Peet's coffee is reportedly stronger than what Starbucks provides, so not everyone will enjoy it. Arabica coffee that has been darker roasted has long been served at Peet's. There are reportedly several flavours in the coffee.

Perhaps you will enjoy Peet's if you are one of those people who cannot bear the burned flavour in coffee. Additionally, the business maintains a positive relationship with its supply chain, which includes the farmers, and the store layout is traditional.

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