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Top 10 most Impressive Gadgets launched at CES 2024

By Akanksha - January 13, 2024 12:45 AM

Once again, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 is underway this year. Exhibiting some of the most innovative and stylish technology available from global manufacturers, many tech enthusiasts travel to Las Vegas to check out the newest products.

However, as with every such occasion, a few goods stand out from the others. Let us examine the top 10 of the most impressive displays at CES 2024.

Top 10 Most Impressive Gadgets Launched at CES 2024

1. ExoBrew Home Beer Brewer

ExoBrew Home Beer Brewer

Image Source: Twitter

The ExoBrew home beer brewing system made its debut at CES 2024 and is one of the best technologies ever. If you enjoy making beer at home, this modest and, to be honest, elegant-looking brewing machine—which resembles a filter coffee maker—might be the finest investment you ever make.

The central component of the system, the keg manages the fermentation, heating, chilling, and final pouring of your made beer. In action, hot water is pushed and cycled through the grains at the top (like the ground coffee in a filter coffee maker) to form the mash. Water is diverted to avoid over-extraction when it comes time for it to boil. Hops are added (in muslin bags) by a revolving dispenser above the grain hopper.

The Exobrew cools the components after they've been heated, allowing the yeast to be added before fermentation. Without the need for human assistance, the entire process may be finished in four hours since the Exobrew is operated by an app that downloads recipes from the cloud. Although the gadget is primarily designed for novice home brewers, users may also personalize their recipes or utilize other users' submissions.

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2. Invoxia Minitailz Smart Collar

Invoxia Minitailz Smart Collar

Image Source: Twitter

For both dogs and cats, Invoxia has introduced the Invoxia Minitailz smart collar this year. The device can track location as well as biometrics, including your pet's heart rate, according to the manufacturer, making it an upgraded version of the Invoxia Smart Dog Collar from the previous year. The business boasts that Minitailz can track your pet's walking, running, and ordinary recreational behaviours.

The Minitailz is far lighter than the Smart Dog Collar from last year, which weighed 4.6 ounces (130 grams), weighing only 1.3 ounces (36 grams). The collar is appropriate for cats and dogs because of its low weight. Additionally, it has an adjustable ring that makes it simple to connect to practically any existing dog or cat collar.

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3. Mui Board Gen 2 Matter Controller

Mui Board Gen 2

Image Source: Twitter

Initially exhibited at CES 2023, the Mui Board Gen 2—a 2024 CES Innovation Award Honoree—is a natural wood-based smart home gadget with a Matter connection.

The Mui Board 2 is a touch-controlled smart home hub that looks like a straightforward wooden trim or shelf. You may use it to manage a variety of Matter-compatible smart home devices, including HomeKit devices, by just touching on it.

The display provides a variety of data, such as the current temperature, the weather, and data from other sensors like thermostats. In addition, the controller can establish a timer for lights to decrease. Details on availability and pricing will be released after the Kickstarter campaign begins.

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4. Withings' BeamO "Smart" Thermometer


Image Source: Twitter

Digital health startup Withings, another CES 2024 laureate, unveiled the BeamO "multiscope," a tool that can do four health tests in less than a minute. The BeamO is an at-home gadget that integrates the functions of a thermometer, electrocardiogram, oximeter, and stethoscope.

This indicates that the multiscope performs better than other single-purpose gadgets and is more versatile than a fitness watch. To increase telemedicine's effectiveness, more tests will be completed at home, and patients will be able to speak with physicians over the phone.

Temperature is frequently the sole health check individuals undertake consistently at home. The business does, however, envision BeamO—their new product—becoming the thermometer of the future, used in every home and offering data on temperature and lung and heart health.

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5. Samsung’s MicroLED TV

Samsung MicroLED TV

Image Source: Twitter

The translucent LG Signature OLED is among this year's most intriguing products on display at CES. Rather than being only a TV, the LG gadget is meant to be utilized as a tool for living room curating.

A detachable opaque film, referred to as a "contrast screen," on the LG OLED TV may replicate the viewing experience of a traditional OLED TV. The LG OLED TV turns completely transparent when the contrast screen is removed. The T-Bar, another widget area on the display that LG added, may show news, weather reports, and other information.

The LG Alpha 11 AI processor, which is four times quicker than its predecessor, powers the gadget.

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6. Samsung's Ballie

Samsung Ballie

Image Source: Twitter

This year's highlights at CES 2024 include Samsung's improved AI butler robot, named Ballie, albeit it was not officially presented at the main event. Several new capabilities have been added to the upgraded Ballie, which was first introduced at CES 2020. These improvements include the capacity to manage phone conversations and to observe and feed your pets.

Assisting with daily scheduling and weather updates, Samsung says Ballie is a smart home buddy who can even handle domestic chores. In many circumstances, Ballie may be a useful helper as it can connect to and control household appliances.

7. Xreal Air 2 Ultra AR Glasses

Xreal Air 2 Ultra AR Glasses

Image Source: Twitter

The $699 Xreal Air 2 Ultra AR glasses are Xreal's most recent offering, which the company unveiled at CES 2024. The ease of AR glasses and the functionality of a VR headset are combined in these spectacles. The Xreal Air 2 Ultra AR glasses essentially have the features of a VR headset but are made to be portable.

With two 3D cameras on either side of the frames, it provides six degrees of freedom for positional tracking. This enables you to monitor your hands to interact with virtual items and map your surroundings. In addition, the specifications include an enhanced 54-degree field of view, a 120Hz refresh rate, 500 nits of brightness, and 1080p resolution for each eye. All of this fits into a weight of only 2.82 ounces (80 grams).

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8. LG’s Home-Patrolling AI Robot

LG’s Home-Patrolling AI Robot

Image Source: Twitter

Not unexpectedly, artificial intelligence is already having a big influence at CES 2024. A charming robot buddy for your smart home that can move around and show information has been introduced by LG. While the robot's name is yet unknown, LG says it will be able to patrol your house and look for problems.

Simplifying the smart home is the goal of LG's new "Zero Labor Home" idea. It comes with a gadget that measures the temperature, humidity, and air quality in your house. It also reads human emotions and has real-time pet video monitoring capabilities.

9. Bespoke Jet Bot Combo Clean-Up

Bespoke Jet Bot Combo Clean-Up

Image Source: Twitter

Samsung has introduced the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo, a new robotic vacuum. The business has created the first robot vacuum and mop that can both detect stains and avoid obstructions.

Similar to previous robot vacuums, it can recognize different kinds of flooring and maneuver around furniture using AI-powered obstacle avoidance. Samsung does claim that this new model is more object-recognition capable than the Jet Bot AI+. Enhancing its efficiency and user-friendliness, it may also propose "no-go zones" automatically, such as the restroom.

When the cleaning tool detects a stain on a hard surface, it will go back to its dock and use steam and water at a high temperature to heat the mop pads. The rotating mop heads will come back into action and remove any dirt or grime from the floor after the pads have warmed up.

To avoid cross-contamination, the AI will determine whether to elevate the mop pads or remove them entirely at the cleaning station when it detects a carpet or plush rug. Robot vacuums with mop attachments do not yet frequently have this special and practical function.

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10. Bone-Conducting Headphones

bone-conducting headphones

Image Source: Twitter

Finally, Shokz's most recent version of its ground-breaking bone-conducting headphones is among the other amazing devices at this year's CES. The headphones are called OpenSwim Pro, and they allow you to enhance your situational awareness while listening to music.

A flexible Nickel-Titanium alloy frame, soft silicone material, and a "biofit" design that doesn't interfere with additional swimwear, such as goggles or a swimming cap, characterize these Bluetooth and MP3-enabled headphones. For two hours, they remain damage-free and waterproof down to 6.6 feet (2 meters) of water.

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