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Tesla to unveil robotaxi on August 8

By Ravi - April 08, 2024 05:53 PM

Tesla to unveil robotaxi on August 8

Electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing company Tesla will unveil the self-driving car 'Tesla Robotaxi' on August 8. Company owner Elon Musk gave this information on social media platform X. However, he has not given any information about robotaxi.

Musk has been working for a long time to make Tesla's automatic electric car. In April 2019, the company had said that robotaxis operations could begin by 2020.

The company estimates that the self-driving car will last 11 years, covering 1 million miles (more than 1.6 million kilometers). This will bring a benefit of $30,000 (more than Rs 24 lakh) to the company and car operators every year.

tesla robotaxi

Robotaxi will be a self-driving car that runs without a steering wheel

According to media reports, Tesla's robotaxi car will not have clutch, brake and accelerator pedals. At the same time, it will be a self-driving car that runs without a steering wheel. Musk has previously said that Tesla cars equipped with full self-driving capability will gradually become better at driving through software updates.

He had said that after some time the cars will be capable of working as completely autonomous taxis. Such cars can earn money by driving themselves as taxis for their owners.

Tesla started making cars for India

Recently Hindustan Times reported in one of its reports that Tesla has started production of right-hand drive cars for India at Gigafactory Berlin. The company can bring the car in the country by the end of this year.

Earlier on April 3, Britain's Financial Times had reported that Tesla will send a team to India this month, which will look for space for an electric car manufacturing plant worth 2 to 3 billion dollars (₹ 16 thousand crore to ₹ 25 thousand crore) in the country. will search

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