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Porsche reveals its first ever 911 hybrid sports car

By Akanksha - May 30, 2024 01:32 PM

On Tuesday, Porsche unveiled the first hybrid version of its classic 911 sports vehicle, beginning at $164,900.

The 2025 911 Carrera GTS hybrid is a considerable departure from the classic German sports car, as the industry focuses on growing electric cars and stringent fuel efficiency rules.

Specifications and Features


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According to Volkswagen executives, the 911 will be the final automobile in the company's inventory to offer an all-electric model, as the hybrid maintains the vehicle's driving qualities.

The 911 Carrera GTS hybrid will be offered as a coupe for $164,900. The convertible, or cabriolet, variant will start at $178,200. Both come in rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive variants.

Orders for the hybrid cars are already available, with delivery due to U.S. dealers by the end of 2024.

Porsche's Electrified collection

porche 911 hybrid

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Despite slower-than-expected acceptance of all-electric models, Porsche is the latest carmaker to enhance or add hybrid cars to its inventory. Its current electrified portfolio comprises six plug-in hybrid Cayennes, three Panamera plug-in hybrids, and ten all-electric Taycans. It has also employed hybrid engines in racing, especially on the 911.

Porsche stated that, depending on customer demand, it anticipates at least 80% of its global car sales to be partially or electrified by 2030.

Performance and Technology

911 hybrid

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Currently, the only hybrid 911 is the GTS. This automobile is powered by what Porsche refers to as a T-Hybrid system, which stands for turbo hybrid because a new, high-performance battery is required to power both the PDK automatic gearbox and the turbocharger. The battery, located between the windscreen and the frunk (with storage space intact), has a low capacity of only 1.9 kWh, making it about 50 times less than that of the all-electric Porsche Macan.

The 911 hybrid cannot be charged. Instead, the little battery is charged by regenerative braking, as with previous EVs and hybrids, as well as by collecting exhaust gas pressure generated by the turbo.

Porsche cars

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The battery powers two motors: one produces 55 horsepower and is placed inside the eight-speed PDK gearbox, while the other generates 14 horsepower and operates the turbocharger. Crucially, this means that the turbo can get to work without having to wait for exhaust pressure to build up - a phenomenon known as turbo lag - so boosting engine responsiveness. The engine now has only one turbocharger since, according to Porsche, the second is no longer necessary, and turbo lag has been virtually removed.

The new 3.6-litre straight-six engine and smart hybrid system produce 534 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque. Porsche claims the 911 GTS hybrid will accelerate from 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 3.0 seconds, implying a 60 mph sprint time starting with a two. The top speed is a little over 193 mph.


Image Source: Twitter

The hybrid vehicle was shown on Tuesday, along with an overhauled array of Porsche 911 sports cars for the 2025 model year, which will arrive in Porsche shops in the United States this autumn. Non-hybrid automobiles range in price from around $120,000 to more than $241,000 for a 911 GT3 RS.

The 2025 911's external and interior designs have been updated, featuring the first completely digital driver instrument cluster, as well as improved engine performance and standard equipment such as rear-axle steering for additional stability.

Porsche's global first-quarter sales were 77,640 automobiles, a 4% decrease from the previous year. 911 automobile sales in the United States were 2,510 units, a 30% increase from the first quarter of 2023.

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