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Passkey facility is available in Google Pixel phones

By Ravi - February 04, 2024 02:32 PM

Passkey facility is available in Google Pixel phones

Google, which is included in the list of world's leading tech companies, is very conscious about security and that is why Google is now providing the facility of passkey for Pixel phones also. However, it is currently available for limited devices.

Google has already been a strong proponent of a password-less future and after bringing it to some of its services, the company is introducing Passkeys on Pixel smartphones. Let us know about it.

What are passkeys?

In terms of security, passkeys are considered more secure. These offer unique account authentication and provide greater protection against online threats like phishing. Users do not need to remember these. These offer quick integration with device unlocking methods like face or fingerprint scanning.

Google is actively promoting Passkey adoption by integrating support for Passkeys on its platforms such as Android and Chrome, and by making Passkeys a default option for personal Google accounts.

Who is getting the facility?

The Passkey upgrade feature is currently available on Pixel phones up to Pixel 5a and Pixel tablets. This feature will be rolled out to other users in the near future. Let us tell you that Google has partnered with companies like Adobe, Best Buy, DocuSign, eBay, Kaak, Money Forward, Nintendo, PayPal, Uber, Yahoo.

In December Google introduced the Passkey upgrade to Google Password Manager through its Pixel feature drop, allowing users to identify accounts compatible with Passkey and facilitating the upgrade process.

Google said it allows any website, app or password manager to use the feature and works to enhance the sign-in process for users.

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