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Mysterious lung-inflating disease spreading in China, Contagious like Corona

By Vipin - November 27, 2023 04:51 PM

August 2023, China lifted all restrictions after 3 years in Corona lockdown. A month later, i.e. in October itself, a mysterious disease started spreading here. Due to this disease which causes lungs to swell with high fever, 7000 children are reaching the hospital every day. Experts say that like Corona, this disease is also contagious. It is spreading from one city to another in China. WHO is demanding answers, but China is silent.

What is the respiratory disease spreading in China, Is there any name for this disease

Like Corona, China is also not releasing data regarding this disease. WHO has asked the Chinese government several times about this disease. The Chinese official authority is calling this disease mysterious pneumonia. Some people are also calling it walking pneumonia. In a way, the disease spreading in China is being described as pneumonia. This disease spreads through bacterial infection. This bacteria is called myco plasma pneumonia bacteria.

When and for what reasons does pneumonia spread


Myco plasma pneumonia bacteria usually occur in children up to 5 years of age during winter. There are two reasons for the spread of pneumonia during winter. During cold season, the environment and body temperature decreases. Temperature ranging from 8 degrees to 15 degrees is favorable for this bacteria. Pollution is very high in winter. Because of this, this bacteria easily infects people in winter.

Is the disease spreading in China just common pneumonia

China's health authority says that this is a common pneumonia disease. There is no new disease or infection with other bacteria or viruses. However, on November 15, 2023, a surveillance platform named Pro-Med issued a worldwide alert regarding pneumonia in China.

The same organization had also issued an alert regarding Corona in 2019. This organization says that 13 thousand children have been admitted to hospitals in Beijing in one day. More than 7 thousand children are coming to the hospital every day. All this is reminiscent of the Corona-like situation of 2019. Looking at all this, it does not seem that this is just ordinary pneumonia.

If this Chinese disease is not common pneumonia, what is it and what is its connection with Corona


When someone has pneumonia, phlegm also develops, but the surprising thing is that in the mysterious pneumonia of China, phlegm is not being formed in children. In the X-ray of his chest, nodules i.e. a kind of round rashes are visible on his lungs. These are called pulmonary nodules. The type of nodules being formed are mostly formed in bacterial infections, this does not happen in viral infections.

Looking at the children suffering from the disease, it seems that they not only have a case of myco plasma pneumonia but also some viral infection. They are infected with both bacteria and viruses simultaneously. This is called co-infection or cross infection.

If this is so then it is very serious because in many such cases even medicines do not work. If there is only myco plasma pneumonia in children, there are medicines for it. If medicines had worked on children in China, the situation would have been under control. China has also accepted this. China said on Sunday that this is a disease spread by many pathogens.

Why is this mysterious disease spreading rapidly in China


One reason for the worsening conditions in China could also be the zero Covid policy implemented there during the Corona period. Due to the strictness imposed at that time, immunity could not develop in many children. They remained confined to their homes. Now when they are going out, they are becoming vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. Their body does not have the immunity to fight them. That's why children are falling ill rapidly here.

What are the symptoms of this disease spreading in China

When infected with this disease, these symptoms are mostly see.

  • Cough
  • pain or sore throat
  • Fever
  • swelling in lungs
  • swelling of the respiratory tract
  • Is this Chinese disease contagious and can it spread from one person to another

    Yes, this disease spreads from one person to another. This disease spreads by coming in contact with a patient suffering from this disease. This is the reason why the possibility of this disease spreading is increasing.

    Can this disease spreading in China spread to India or other countries also


    If we take the example of China, this disease has spread in many parts of the country. It has a huge impact especially in the northern areas. Some cases have also been reported from China's neighboring country Vietnam. It is clearly visible that the disease is spreading. In such a situation, the possibility cannot be ruled out that this disease can spread to other countries also. It can spread to India also. India needs to be cautious about this.

    Can a mysterious disease cause deaths like Corona

    Corona was a viral infection, whereas this is a bacterial infection. However, even after having corona, pneumonia still occurred. Patients had difficulty breathing. Therefore many patients had to be taken on ventilator.

    There are many antibiotics to prevent bacterial infections. By using these its effect can be reduced. However, looking at the situation in China, it seems that this is not just a bacterial infection, it could be something else too. This will be known only after China shares the data. If it is a bacterial infection then the death of the patient can be avoided with antibiotics.

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