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Microsoft brings video AI tool VASA-1

By Ravi - April 22, 2024 02:46 PM

Microsoft brings video AI tool VASA-1

Tech giant Microsoft has introduced AI Video Generator tool. The name of this tool is VASA-1 (Visual Effective Skill Audio) which is the company's top end AI tool. It creates human facial expressions very accurately. With the help of this tool, users can create a complete video from the photo of any person.

Due to the increasing demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI), tech companies are launching new products. Just a few days ago, OpenAI and Google had launched their respective AI models, with the help of which users could generate videos from text.

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Now Microsoft has also introduced AI Video Generator model. Its name is VASA-1. With the help of this tool, users can create a complete video just from someone's photo. The company has also shared some samples of this AI tool in its official website, which are quite amazing.

Microsoft VASA-1 AI Video Generator Tool

  1. Microsoft's AI video generator tool VASA-1, which stands for Visual Affective Skill Audio, is a top-end AI tool that accurately recreates human facial expressions. Along with this, this tool is capable of creating a video from someone's photo.

  2. Microsoft's AI tool can create videos with different expressions from a human photo. This AI tool generates videos from lips, nose, forehead and facial muscles.

  3. Microsoft has also shared some sample videos of AI tool VASA-1. The company says that this tool currently creates video of 512×512 pixels at 40fps.

  4. Regarding this tool, the company claims that with its help one can create real life videos. This tool creates such facial expressions as a person gives in real life.

Tool will not launch at present

Microsoft says that at present it has no plans to release this AI tool or its API. VASA-1 is currently at the research demonstration stage. The possibility of misuse of this tool is high. Let us tell you that a few days ago, OpenAI has introduced Sora and Google has introduced AI tools named Vids, which are capable of generating videos with the help of text prompts.

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