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Lok Sabha Election 2024 Full Schedule: Announcement of Lok Sabha election dates

By Akshay - March 18, 2024 05:48 PM

Lok Sabha Election 2024 Full Schedule: Announcement of Lok Sabha election dates: The Election Commission has announced the dates of Lok Sabha elections. This time too, voting will be held in 7 phases in the country. The results will come on June 4 (Lok Sabha election result date). Chief Election Commissioner (Election Commission of India) Rajiv Kumar announced the Lok Sabha elections as well as assembly elections in four states of Sikkim, Odisha, Arunachal and Andhra Pradesh in a press conference held at Vigyan Bhawan.

When will the Lok Sabha elections be held? (Lok Sabha Election Full Schedule)

  • First Phase Election Date: 19 First phase elections in April.
  • Second Phase Election Date: Voting on 26 April
  • Third Phase Election Date: Voting will be held on 7th May.
  • Fourth Phase Election Date: Voting will be held on May 13
  • Fifth Phase (Fifth Phase Election Date): Votes will be cast on May 20
  • Sixth Phase Election Date: Voting should be done on 25th May
  • Seventh Phase Election Date: Voting will be held on June 1
  • Result: Results will come on June 4.

When will Lok Sabha elections be held in which state?

It was told by the Election Commission that votes will be cast in 21 states in the first phase, 13 in the second, 12 in the third, 10 in the fourth, 8 in the fifth, 7 in the sixth and 8 in the seventh phase.

Voting on how many seats in which phase?

102 seats in the first phase on 19 April, 89 seats in the second phase on 26 April, 94 seats in the third phase on 7 May, 96 seats in the fourth phase on 13 May, 49 seats in the fifth phase on 20 May. Sixth phase on 25 May. Voting will be held on 57 seats in the state and voting will be held on 57 seats in the seventh phase on June 1.

How many total voters in the country?

The Chief Election Commissioner said that this time there are a total of 96 crore 88 lakh voters in the country. Of these, 49.7 crore are male voters, the number of female voters is 47.1 crore. The Chief Election Commissioner also said that 1.82 crore voters will cast their vote for the first time. At present there are 19.74 crore voters in the age group of 20-29 years in the country. The Chief Election Commissioner said the collaboration with stalwarts like Sachin Tendulkar and Rajkumar Rao, social media campaigns and radio engagement are aimed at increasing youth participation.

Last time also voting was held in 7 phases

The term of Lok Sabha elections is ending on June 16 and before that the new Lok Sabha is to be formed. Last time the Lok Sabha election dates were announced on March 10 and voting was held in 7 phases from April 11. The counting of votes took place on 23 May.

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