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IPL 2024: Can Mumbai Indians still qualify for the playoffs?

By Akshay - May 06, 2024 03:09 PM

IPL 2024 is moving towards its last phase. So far no team has been able to qualify for the playoffs. However, the teams of Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals will qualify for the playoffs. There is very little problem for them, but on the other hand there are some teams for whom it is a bit difficult to qualify for the playoffs, but on the basis of their excellent play, those teams can qualify. Talking about Mumbai Indians, it seems very difficult for them to qualify. They will not only have to win all their remaining matches, but will also have to depend on the results of other teams.

IPL 2024: Can Mumbai Indians still qualify for the playoffs?

Mumbai Indians lost their 8th match of the season on Friday, losing to Kolkata Knight Riders by 24 runs. With just 3 games left in the league stage for the Hardik Pandya-led side, do Mumbai Indians still have a chance to reach the IPL playoff stage.

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Will MI qualify for IPL 2024?

Five-time IPL champions Mumbai Indians have three more matches to prove their strength against Sunrisers Hyderabad, Kolkata Knight Riders and Lucknow Super Giants. Mumbai Indians, who have lost four consecutive matches, will have to win their remaining three matches to secure a place in the qualifiers. And our net run rate will also have to be improved.

The doors to the playoffs are still open for Mumbai Indians, but they will have to depend on the results of other teams as well. Firstly, if they win all their remaining three matches, they will get 12 points. Till date, whenever 10 teams have participated in the IPL, no team has reached the playoffs with 12 points.

Looking at the IPL 2024 points table, Mumbai Indians are unlikely to threaten points-toppers Kolkata Knight Riders or Rajasthan Royals as they already have 16 points. Mumbai's chances of qualifying for the playoffs will depend on Sunrisers Hyderabad and Lucknow Supergiants, for this Lucknow will have to lose all their remaining 3 matches and Sunrisers will have to lose all their remaining 4 matches, but the problem here is that both Lucknow The match will be played between Hyderabad and Hyderabad on 8th May. The team that wins this match will get 14 points. In such a situation, Mumbai will have to depend on the results of Chennai Super Kings. Due to which they lose their remaining matches. In such a situation, no one will be able to cross the limit of 12 points and Mumbai Indians can reach fourth place with 12 points on the basis of better run rate.

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