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How to go for a holiday in Lakshadweep? how much it will cost?

By Akanksha - January 09, 2024 02:57 PM

Situated in the Arabian Sea lies the island of Lakshadweep. A timeless, unexplored gem made up of thirty-six unspoiled reefs and coral atolls. The fact that so little is known about them heightens tourists' feeling of adventure. The trip from Cochin airport to the Mainland Agatti takes around 1.5 hours, giving visitors their first view of the island. This place has everything you might want in a tropical paradise: The coral lagoons' crystal-clear blue seas, stretches of coconut palm palms, unending sunshine, and deserted sandy beaches are all present.

Go to Lakshadweep if you want to spend an unusual vacation away from the bustle of the big cities in an incredibly pure area. A brief overview of the stunning island location is provided here.

Of the thirty-six islands, only ten are inhabited. Minicoy Island, Kalpeni Islands, Kadmat Islands, Bangaram Island, and Thinnakara Island are the most visited places.

Best Time To Visit

Amindivi Islands

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October to February

Visits to Lakshadweep are most enjoyable in October, November, December, January, and February. As this is the busiest time of year, there may be some crowds.

March to May

There is mild weather in March, April, and May. You may therefore simply avoid having to deal with a sizable crowd. Summer heat and temperatures as high as 32C are characteristics of the mild season.

June to September

The off-season brings severe rainfall and challenging island-to-island travel, while the peak season offers pleasant weather with temperatures seldom climbing beyond 30C.

How to reach?

The only route to Lakshadweep is via Kochi. From Kochi, Kerala, some ships and planes go to Lakshadweep. Six days a week, Air India offers flights to Lakshadweep.

Access to Lakshadweep

Permission from the Kochi-based Lakshadweep Administration is necessary to enter the restricted area of Lakshadweep. Obtaining a clearance certificate from your local police station requires downloading it beforehand to obtain permission.

Kochi: Permission from the Kochi-based Lakshadweep Administration is necessary to enter the restricted area of Lakshadweep. Obtaining a clearance certificate from your local police station requires downloading it beforehand to obtain permission.

Yacht Cruise

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Lakshadweep by water

Between Cochin and the Lakshadweep islands, seven-passenger ships sail MV Kavaratti, MV Arabian Sea, MV Lakshadweep Sea, MV Lagoon, MV Corals, MV Amindivi, and MV Minicoy. Depending on the island picked for the expedition, the passage takes 14 to 18 hours. The ships have three separate accommodation classes: push back/bunk class with A/C seats, A/C Second Class with four berth cabins, and A/C First Class with two-berth cabins. On board, a physician is on call. Also, the MV Amindivi and MV Minicoy have cosy air conditioning seats that are perfect for a nighttime cruise. There are fast boats that go between the islands during the fair season.

Lakshadweep by Air

From Kochi, Agatti and Bangaram islands are reachable by air. Flights from Kochi are operated by Indian Airlines. There are flights from Kochi to most airports in India and outside. There is an airstrip on Agatti Island alone. Boats to Kavaratti and Kadmat are available from Agatti from October to May, while the fair is in session. During the monsoon season, Agatti to Kavaratti can be transferred by helicopter, provided that a helicopter is available. From Cochin to Agatti, the flight takes around one hour and thirty minutes.

how much will it cost to Lakshadweep?

Package Day/Night Price
Magical Lakshadweep with Thinnakara & Rocky Island Package 6 Days/5 Nights ₹31,824
Scenic Charm of Lakshadweep - Beach Villa Stay Package 6 Days/5 Nights ₹30,653
Refreshing Lakshadweep & Kochi - Premium Villa Stay Package 5 Days/4 Nights ₹28,732


The M.V. Kavaratti offers a five-day Lakshadweep Samudram trip that visits the islands of Kavaratti, KaJpeni, and Minicoy. Lunch and drinks are served onshore during the daytime island tour. You spend the nights on the ship. There are 150 Diamond classrooms on the M.V. Kavaratti. During the day's excursion, activities like swimming, snorkelling, and other water sports are planned. Children shall be regarded as such from the age of one-year-old until the age of ten.

Boarding point: Ground floor, Lakshadweep Wharf, Indira Gandi Road Willingdon Island, Kochi, near FCI Godown (Food Corporation of India). From 0900 to 1000 hours (the precise time of arrival will be determined a day in advance only)

Class of Accommodation Transportation Cost Tour Charges Total
Diamond Class (Adult) Rs.25,000/- Rs.12,500/- Rs.37,500/-
Diamond Class (Child) Rs.25,000/- Rs.8,000/- Rs.33,000/-
Gold Class (Adult) Rs.18,000/- Rs.10,500/- Rs.28,500/-
Gold Class (Child) Rs.18,000/- Rs.7,500/- Rs.25,500/-

A 10% hike will be applicable in December. 5% GST is applicable for all rates.

Rates in Indian Rupees, Service Tax at the applicable rate (5.00%)


The six- or seven-day excursion to Minicoy is called Swaying Palm. Exclusive A/C cottages and other private cottages situated on the seafront provide lodging for visitors. The voyage takes place on the M.V. Minicoy, M.V. Amindivi, M.V. Kavaratti, and M.V. Arabian Sea and M.V. Lakshadweep Sea. The following is the cottage tariff.

Category Double Single Extra Person
Air Conditioned Deluxe Room Rs.9,000 Rs.6,000 Rs.4,000
Air Conditioned Standard Room Rs.7,000 Rs.5,000 Rs.3,500

A 10% hike will be applicable in winter

Second Class Rs. 7,500/- (Both Ways)
Pushback/Bunk Rs. 5,000/- (Both Ways)


It truly feels like you're vacationing on your island. Situated directly across from Bangaram Island, Thinnakara Island shares the large lagoon and coralline banks with Bangaram Island; the lagoon's real area is 125.21 square kilometres. The locations of Parali I, Parali II, Parali III, and Kalpitty lie along the lagoon's north-south border. Situated 8 km northeast of Agatti is the little island of Thinnakara, shaped like a teardrop. Beautiful lagoons, serene seashores, sun-kissed sand, the allure of swinging palms, and astounding marine life are all included in the scene. Kayaks and glass-bottom boats are among the watersports equipment offered here. There are large beaches for sunbathing and beach volleyball to play.

Category Double Single Extra Person
Tents In Thinnakara Rs.10,000 Rs.8,000 Rs.4,000
Adult Rs. 2500/- (One Way)
Child Rs. 1500/- (One Way)

Boats available to Thinnakara in all days.

Rates in Indian Rupees Service Tax at applicable rate (5.00%)

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