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Government should shut down 2G and 3G networks: Jio suggests to TRAI

By Vipin - January 31, 2024 12:47 PM

Telecom company Reliance Jio has advised the government to stop 2G and 3G network services in the country and shift the existing users to 4G and 5G networks. The company said that this will save unnecessary network costs. Jio has also asked the government to make a policy for this.

Recently, the Telecom Regulation Authority of India (TRAI) issued a consultation paper titled 'Digital Transformation through 5G Ecosystem' seeking the advice of telecom operators.

Barrier in 2G and 3G fast network connectivity

Jio and VI have said that 2G and 3G fast networks act as barriers to connectivity, which increase the digital divide and impact the 5G ecosystem. Besides this, unnecessary costs are also incurred in running these networks.

5G important in digital transmission

Jio wrote in its reply to TRAI, 'There is no doubt that 5G network is better in terms of speed and connectivity. Their network will play a big role in promoting changes in different industries.

Most users use old network: VI


Vodafone-Idea in its reply said that a large part of the people in the country are still using 2G. Not able to reach 4G and 5G despite availability of connectivity.

5G plans may soon become expensive

Both Jio and Airtel telecom companies have been providing 5G services at 4G rates with unlimited data plans for almost a year. To upgrade existing subscribers to 5G, these services are being provided at 4G rates. Analysts estimate that this situation may change soon, because these companies are preparing to increase their revenue with the increase in the number of subscribers. Therefore, 5G plans of companies may be 5-10% costlier than 4G.

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