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Google launches the Most Powerful AI Model Gemini

By Ravi - December 08, 2023 02:51 PM

Google launches the Most Powerful AI Model Gemini

Tech company Google has launched its new Artificial Intelligence (AI) model Gemini to compete with ChatGPIT. These AI tools are designed to behave like humans. Google claims that Gemini performs better than other models in tasks like understanding, reasoning, coding and planning.

Google Company CEO Sundar Pichai said that this is the beginning of a new era of AI at Google. He called it the Gemini era. Gemini is Google's latest Large Language Model (LLM). Pichai first teased it at the I/O developer conference in June and has now launched it to the public. It has been introduced in three versions – Pro, Ultra and Nano.

  • Gemini Nano is the lightweight version which is for Android devices. With this, Pixel 8 Pro users will get some new features.
  • Gemini Pro is an upgraded version that will soon power Google AI services. Bard is now powered by Gemini Pro.
  • Gemini Ultra is Google's most powerful LLM. It is designed for data centers and enterprise applications.

170 countries Available in English

Google said Bard, the chatbot integrated with Gemini, has become available in English language in 170 countries including India. You can have text-based conversations with the Gemini-powered Bard. Google will soon bring tools to support other modes (voice and video).

Bard was launched by Google in May-2023. It is an AI chatbot developed by Google which is based on Large Language Model LaMDA. After the launch of ChatGPIT, Google launched Bard. You can ask any question to it. Bard responds in accordance with its content policies.

Gemini is based on Massive Multi Task Language Understanding Model

Gemini is based on the Massive Multitask Language Understanding Model (MMLU). The Ultra variant of the Gemini model outperformed ChatGPT 4 in 30 out of 32 benchmark tests, including logic and understanding images. Gemini Pro outperformed ChatGPT's free version, GPT 3.5, in 6 out of 8 benchmark tests.

Gemini Chat is even better than GPT 4


Google claims it's even better than OpenAI's ChatGPT 4 and can do even more. The new AI model can easily understand text, audio, images and videos and many other types of information.

  • The Gemini chatbot can generate text and code as well as images. With ChatGPT 4, users cannot create images, as it can only work text-based.
  • Gemini is also capable of multitasking and can work on text, images and code at the same time. Whereas, ChatGPT users cannot do multitasking at the same time.

Large language models are trained with large datasets.

Large Language Model is a deep learning algorithm. They have been trained using large datasets. That is why it is called big. This enables them to translate, predict, and generate text and other content.

Large language models, also known as neural networks (NNs), are computing systems inspired by the human brain. Large language models can be trained for many tasks like understanding protein structures, writing software code, etc.

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