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Google Launched Two Big Features For Its Search Engine

By Ravi - January 18, 2024 02:34 PM

Google Launched Two Big Features For Its Search Engine

Google has introduced two big features for its search engine. One of these is Circle to Search and the other is Multisearch Experience. The most important thing is that to search anything, you will not need to switch apps i.e. go from one app to another.

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What is Circle to Search feature?

Google's Circle to Search feature works much like Google Lens. Circle to search can also be used to search about a specific thing present in a photo, but Google gives different information about all the things. To use circle to search, you need to draw a circle around the subject in the photo you want to search about. After this Google will show you results related to that topic. Apart from drawing circles, you can also search anything by tapping.

This entire search will happen without switching any apps. For example, if there is a photo in your gallery, then you do not need to go to Google app to search about it. Apart from photos, this feature will also work in videos. Google's Circle to Search feature will be available on Pixel phones and some premium Android phones from January 31, 2024. This feature will support all the languages present on the internet. The Search to Circle feature can be activated by briefly pressing the home button of the Android phone.

Multisearch + Gen AI Features

Multisearch feature has been introduced to make the search experience of users faster and better than before. This feature will support all three: text, photo and screenshot. With its help you can get AI generated results. This feature will be released by next week. It can be activated through Google Lens or Google app. Along with this, it also has support for Search Generative Experience (SGE).

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