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Apple Watch, Apple Watch is measuring the heart rate of a lion

By Ravi - June 14, 2024 02:43 PM

Apple Watch, Apple Watch is measuring the heart rate of a lion

Apple Watch is often in the news because of its exploits. Sometimes it has been helpful in saving someone's life and sometimes in alerting someone. But have you ever wondered if apart from humans, it can also measure the heartbeat of animals or say lions? Yes, one such video is going viral on Instagram.

Apple Watch

Many smartwatch companies offer various health-related features in their devices and Apple is also one of them. We have heard many such stories before, in which Apple Watch has saved people's lives. But a new video has revealed that this watch is very effective not only for humans but also for animals, especially lions.

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Yes, a video has surfaced on Instagram, in which an Apple Watch has been tied on the tongue of a lion and with its help the heartbeat of the lion is being measured. This is a video shared by a veterinarian. Let's know about it.

Apple Watch is measuring the heart rate of a lion

Australian wildlife veterinarian Dr Chloe Buting, known online as @Jungle_doctor, shared a video on Instagram of an Apple Watch being used on a lion.

The video shows a sedated lion with an Apple Watch on its tongue. According to Dr Buting, this 'off-label' use highlights the potential of technology in animal protection. The caption of the post reads: @apple watch can measure a lion's heart rate when strapped to its tongue.

Who used the technique for the first time?

  • Let us tell you that this simple method is inspired by Dr. Fabiola Quesada, a leading wildlife veterinarian. Dr. Quesada had uncovered this technique by using an Apple Watch to measure the heart rate of an elephant through its ear.
  • This approach gives a safe and efficient solution to the challenge of monitoring vital signs in large, wild animals.
  • Veterinarians secure the Apple Watch on the tongue of the unconscious lion, making real-time heart rate monitoring possible during medical procedures.
  • This innovation ensures efficient tracking of vital signs, ultimately leading to better animal care.
  • How does the Apple Watch work

    • The Apple Watch uses a technique called photoplethysmography to track heart rate. It takes advantage of the fact that blood absorbs green light but reflects red light.
    • It uses a green LED light paired with a light-sensitive photodiode in the watch. As the heart pumps, blood flow in the wrist fluctuates.
    • The watch detects these changes by flashing the LED hundreds of times per second and measuring the amount of green light absorbed. This calculates the heart rate.
    • This creative use of technology in animal care shows the potential for collaboration between unrelated fields. By embracing innovation, veterinarians are ensuring a healthier future for our wildlife.

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