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Five best cities in the world to live in and their features

By Vipin - August 02, 2023 01:44 PM

Based on the data, it has been told in this report that how much better a city is worth living, although the answer to this question can be given by the people actually living in that city on the basis of their experience.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is at number one in this list. This city came down in this list only in 2021 because this year the city's museums and restaurants were closed due to coronovirus. However, residents of Vienna say that this city is the best in terms of stability, healthcare, education and infrastructure. Manuela Filippo is the manager of two Michelin-starred restaurants, helping her husband run the business.

She says that the city's history, reliable public transportation, easy access to cafes, theaters and other entertainment venues are just some of the reasons that make Vienna a great place to live. "Sometimes when we work so much and don't have time to go anywhere for long, we can satisfy all our entertainment needs within the city," she says.

Richard Voss is the Sales and Marketing Manager at Hotel Das Tigra in Vienna. They believe that the quality of life of a city is enhanced by its cultural history and cultural activities.

He says, “Vienna has many impressive historical buildings such as Schönbrunn Palace, Hofburg and Vienna City Hall. The city is also famous for its musical tradition as Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss lived here.” He says that due to the many museums, theaters and opera houses in the city, the people here have many options. He suggests that people should also enjoy the food of Vienna

Melbourne, Australia

Australia's cities Melbourne and Sydney both have secured the third and fourth place in the ranking this time. Melbourne has scored particularly well in terms of culture and environment, and the locals are proud of it. Jane Morrell is the CEO of Career Solutions Company.

She says that Melbourne is a top city because of its food, cultural activities, events as well as international sports like Australian Formula One and Australian Open. She says that traveling in the city has also become much easier because of the tram. Melbourne is also located only a short distance from world famous beaches. Kimi Connor is a blogger from California. She considers Sydney better than Melbourne.

She says, Sydney is beautiful because there are so many beautiful views, beaches and historical buildings but Melbourne is not a city of buildings, it is a city of culture and it takes a while to get around.

To feel the pulse of Melbourne, you have to sit in a cafe and drink the best coffee of your life, you have to try the variety of restaurants in the city and you have to find hidden bars

She says that the people of Melbourne are better than those of Sydney. Jane Morrell also attributes the positive attitude of the residents as one of the reasons for the city's good score. People in Melbourne are very friendly

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is in the top five for its culture and environment scores. This is why locals love Vancouver. Tony Ho is a business man. Vancouver is a city with easy access to the woods, the sea and the sky. Our roads and connectivity are so good that they can take you from a beautiful beach to a high mountain city in a day. Whether you travel by bus, cycle or boat.

We also enjoy the wide variety of food the city has to offer, which is part of the city's multicultural identity. You'll find everything from Ethiopian injera to Tibetan momos here.

Tony has a small child. They say that there are countless parks in the city and the beach is only 20 minutes away. Due to the immigration policy here, people from different countries of the world are drawn here. Joe Tolzman is the CEO of a mobile platform called Rocket Plan.

I'm from Croatia and I was looking for a city that would encourage development, but also be vibrant and warm and welcoming. The best thing about starting a business in Vancouver, he says, is the people here. You can get help from people here at every opportunity. The business community here is very supportive.

Apart from business, the scenery here is also very beautiful.

Osaka, Japan

Osaka ranks 10th on the list and is the only city in Asia to feature in the top 10, although Osaka scored 100% in stability, health system and education. At a time when people all over the world are worried about inflation, this is one city that is very affordable and the locals are happy about it.

Shirley Zeng is originally from Vancouver but now lives in Osaka, Japan. They say that the rent in Osaka is not as high as in other big cities of Japan and the world.

She says, My rent is about 410 Euros or 700 Canadian Dollars per month including water, internet and other things. Although it is a small apartment it is new and clean. If you take such a place in Vancouver, it will cost no less than 1200 Canadian dollars.

James Hills says, I'm from Britain where eating out is expensive, but in Osaka you can eat very cheap in good restaurants, and you can eat out every day. This city is also considered more secure than other cities.

I feel safe even walking around at night," says Shirley Zeng. He never had to worry about his wallet being stolen. Along with this, the reliable public transport system here is also very beneficial. Jonathan Lucas says, “There is a train line spread in and around the city. It is very easy to go outside the city to cities like Kyoto, Nara and Kobe.

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland shares the 10th spot with Osaka, last year the city was ranked 25th on the list. Post-corona restrictions were not completely lifted in the city till September 2022, this was one of the main reasons.

However, along with education, the city also scores well in culture and environment. The residents of this place also seem to trust these figures. Megan Lawrence is a blogger who says that there is a beautiful beach 20 minutes away for those living in Auckland.

There is a lot of greenery around the city and you can go away from the city. It is the largest city in New Zealand hosting world class events. The 2023 Women's FIFA World Cup is also being organized here.

Greg Marriott works for a travel company. He says, “We have great concerts, shows and sporting events. There's a show about Egyptian pharaohs at Auckland Museum next week.

People from many countries of the world come and live in New Zealand, so food from all over the world is available here. Lawrence says that despite all these things, the best thing here is the friendly attitude of the people.

“Most people are always willing to help and I love that people here smile and say hi or bye to you.”

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